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Facing The Great Resignation in 2022? Boost Employee Engagement First!

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In 2022, the Great Resignation is coming to Europe. A phenomenon that was first observed last year in the United States, the term refers to the wave of mass resignations on the part of employees who left their jobs to explore new horizons. And when it comes to countering it, companies no longer have a choice: they must put in place new employee engagement strategies. In this article, you will discover which priority engagement levers can counter “the Great Resignation” and keep employees involved and committed.

The Great Resignation is gaining momentum in 2022 and coming to Europe; as a phenomenon, it has already been extensively analysed in the United States, and its transatlantic arrival is all but inevitable. But before discussing further, do you know what the Great Resignation is?

What is the Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation is a phenomenon that has been observed in the United States since last year. The term refers to the wave of mass resignations of employees who left their jobs and careers for other horizons. It concerns workers at all levels, from frontline employees to executives, and it affects all sectors equally. Just in the United States, there are reportedly 11 million unfilled job vacancies. In January alone, 4.3 million employees left their jobs.

This phenomenon is also spreading to Europe. In France, according to a Dares study published in February 2022, between July and October 2021, voluntary departures increased by 17% for establishments with more than 50 employees, and by 21% for those with between 10 and 49 employees.

Why is this happening? Well, the reasons for the Great Resignation in 2022 are many. First, there is the pandemic, which has profoundly disrupted employees’ lives and forced many to make sudden and major changes. Second, relationships with management, which hybrid work scenarios have sometimes made difficult.

Third, a search for meaning and passion in work in general, which translates into a search for a match between the employee’s values and those of the company. Other reasons include working conditions (especially those related to hybrid work scenarios, safety standards, etc.), and of course, the search for better pay, benefits in kind, and flexibility.

Great Resignation 2022

In summary, the pandemic has caused many people to reassess their priorities and then make changes in their lives accordingly. New demands by employees on their employers have emerged, and employees do not hesitate to leave their jobs if these are not met.

What can be done to stem or prevent the Great Resignation in 2022?

It’s important to remember that resigning is a personal choice. If an employee decides to leave his or her job, the employer cannot prevent it. Sometimes there are simply personal reasons that cannot be influenced in any way.

However, there are levers that companies can use to counteract the Great Resignation in 2022, with the objective obviously being to improve employee engagement on a daily basis. Let’s see what the top priority levers are for this kind of action.

Review values and CSR policy

For several years now, companies have been engaged in defining their company culture and their raison d’être, often in the form of a CSR policy. This is a response to employees’ search for meaning in their work. Employees are now looking for a work environment where the company’s values resonate with their own.

Great Resignation 2022

2022 is therefore the right time to rework a company’s commitments and missions, especially given the upheavals of recent years. It must be a formal and public process that engages all employees. This will also be a good opportunity to reconnect employees in the field with the company’s current situation, and to strengthen the commitment of new arrivals.

To do this, it is essential to understand the values that matter most to employees. For example, a 2021 Deloitte survey of 8,200 Gen Z employees in 45 countries found that almost half (49%) decide where to work based on their personal ethics. In this environment, Gen Z’s concerns about diversity, inclusion and sustainability must also become the concerns of the organisations in which they work.

This means that there should be exchanges and surveys to understand which values are important—but also, for employees to submit their ideas and give feedback.

With Sociabble, it’s possible to deploy employee surveys in a very short time, even on a large scale, or by targeting certain employees, according to their place of work, type of job, unit, etc. Language segmentation allows each employee to receive (and answer) the questionnaire in their own language.

Finally, with the built-in “Support My Cause” feature, it’s easy for employees to suggest CSR ideas, vote and get involved with a project they like. The whole selection process becomes transparent and gives employees a voice in launching concrete initiatives.

Great Resignation in 2022

One of the reasons for the great resignation in 2022 is the sense of “abandonment” felt by some employees. Hybrid work scenarios and new methods of remote communication have disconnected many employees, some of whom literally feel abandoned by their company.

In certain cases, a distance has even developed among frontline workers and those in the field. Often not equipped with a computer, a majority of such workers say they are not well informed. Moreover, half of such workers say they do not understand the company’s global strategy.

There is no substitute for human contact, for seeing and talking to other people. However, new ways of working are now part of our daily lives, and it is highly unlikely that companies will go backwards. On the other hand, new digital tools should be seen as opportunities to create and even strengthen links between employees.

For example, Sociabble offers employees with a mobile phone (even a personal one) access to a professional instant message feature to chat with colleagues. This helps staff in the field, who often do not have access to the company’s usual collaboration tools, to become part of the daily conversation, to stay connected with colleagues, and to interact in a perfectly secure way.

Also, it is possible to send compliments and praise to colleagues through peer-to-peer recognition. This feature allows employees to recognize their colleagues for their help, or a job well done. This kind of recognition serves to energise relationships at work and strengthen the bonds between colleagues.

Great Resignation in 2022

Provide opportunities for professional and personal development

One of the great challenges of the Great Resignation in 2022 is talent retention. Another reason why so many employees are quitting is because they feel they have no opportunities to grow within their company. A recent study by Better Buys found that employees who are given professional development opportunities are 15% more engaged and have a 34% higher retention rate than those who are not.

The problem is that career opportunities are often not known, or training is not adapted to the needs of employees.

Sociabble makes it possible to create communication channels specifically dedicated to this type of theme. Internal job offers can be consulted by all employees, as the platform is accessible via desktop and mobile to all. This also applies to training courses: they can be promoted to specific audiences, depending on the needs and skills to be developed within a team.

Fighting against Great Resignation

Ensure the well-being of employees at work

LinkedIn’s “2022 Global Talent Trends” report highlights the importance of addressing well-being at work.  This translates into promoting a culture that prioritises the mental, physical and emotional well-being of employees.

A recent Harvard Business Review article recommended that companies support employees’ personal passions, and give them the flexibility to balance their jobs with their personal interests. The goal is simple: to ensure that employees can thrive and stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Sociabble offers the possibility of regulating the flow of information to be transmitted to employees thanks to the “Quiet Hours” functionality. It allows you to set times when employees will not be disturbed and will not receive any content or solicitations from the company.


Strengthen proximity to management

Managers can play a key role in coping with the Great Resignation in 2022.

Deprived of traditional communication channels such as the face-to-face team meeting or simply the informal coffee break, managers have had to acquire new managerial skills such as active listening, the ability to encourage dialogue from a distance, empathy, and understanding. Not to mention the digital skills needed to use the new communication tools.

Communication is now the most essential managerial skill. This is partly due to new hybrid work scenarios, but there are other factors as well. Employees have high expectations that their opinions will be taken into account. And this is where the manager now has a real role to play: by engaging in dialogue with his or her teams, employee commitment will be all the stronger.

Sociabble is a tool that allows managers and employees to stay in close contact. Managerial communication becomes easier, as the platform allows managers to transmit current information via chat, to collect feedback from employees thanks to surveys, and to set up more personalized and fun moments, even at a distance, thanks to the “Live” functionality.

Fighting against Great Resignation in 2022

Using Sociabble to stem the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is here in 2022, and it looks like it won’t stop anytime soon. Which is why it’s up to companies to put in place measures that retain talent and attract new talent, rather than resigning themselves to accepting high turnover.

This need for evolution must start from within, with clear values and missions, while taking care of the well-being of employees. Well-being at work of course, but also in the personal sphere.

Sociabble is the ideal digital tool to support companies in this process. An approach that aims to strengthen the commitment of employees and, consequently, keeps the risks of the Great Resignation at bay. To learn more about the employee communication platform that companies like Edenred, Coca-Cola CCEP, Primark and L’Occitane already use, you can contact us for a free demonstration here.

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