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The Secret to Streamlining Your Frontline Workflow

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For frontline workers, the daily churn of doing administrative tasks associated with their jobs can be a time-consuming endeavor, sometimes even cutting into slots that they would rather allocate to training and engagement activities. Is there a way to take some of the work out of the paperwork, and make everything run more smoothly and efficiently? With the right frontline communication strategy and tools, there definitely is.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can make administrative chores a little less painful for your frontline workforce.

Problems a company can face when it comes to frontline administrative tasks

Dealing with customers, production lines, travel—the administrative components of frontline jobs can take up significant amounts of time, and stand in the way of efficiency and productivity. These are just a few of the ways that these kinds of tasks can keep frontline workers from performing at their best:

  • Heavy workload

Frontline workers in administrative roles often have a large volume of paperwork to complete, which can be time-consuming and challenging to manage.

  • Time management

With a high workload, managing time effectively becomes essential. Frontline workers must balance administrative tasks with their other responsibilities, such as serving customers or patients.

  • Limited access to information

Frontline workers may struggle to find necessary information quickly, which can slow down administrative processes.

  • Inconsistent and complex processes

Inconsistent processes can lead to errors and inefficiencies in administrative work. Administrative tasks may involve complex processes or require the use of multiple systems or tools. Frontline workers may need to learn and navigate these processes quickly, which can be challenging.

  • Communication barriers

Frontline workers may face communication barriers with other staff members, such as language or cultural differences, which can make it challenging to perform administrative tasks effectively.

  • Technical difficulties

Frontline workers may experience technical difficulties when using software or systems, which can result in delays or errors in completing administrative tasks.

What’s the best way to streamline administrative tasks? Use your internal comms tools to manage the workflow.

Transforming Frontline Communications

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Solutions for an effective frontline workflow

It’s an often-overlooked fact that the same digital tools you use for internal and employee communication can also be effective for helping to manage frontline workflow. How so? Well, here are a few examples of how a platform like Sociabble can help:

  • Sociabble’s mobile-first forms and workflow management features can streamline administrative tasks and reduce the burden on frontline workers.
  • A document repository allows for easy access to important documents and information, reducing the time and effort required to find necessary reference materials.
  • Sociabble can help companies deploy yearly channel-ready communications, such as benefit enrolments with HR for insurance benefits, organizing forms, insurance contacts, upcoming meetings with providers, and other important documents.
  • Real-time alerts can be utilized to send key communication related to workday reminders, HR reminders of timesheet submission, payday alerts, upcoming events, HR’s yearly benefit enrolments, deadline reminder communications, etc.
  • Automated workflows can be set up to ensure that important administrative tasks, such as onboarding, background checks, and compliance training, are completed efficiently and effectively.
  • The platform can also provide analytics and reporting on administrative processes, allowing companies to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies.

Sociabble: The communication solution that streamlines your frontline workflow

Sociabble is the total communication solution that’s specifically designed to keep frontline workers connected, informed, and engaged with company life. With Sociabble, they’ll receive the updates and notifications they need, regardless of if they’re at a desk at HQ, or on the frontlines, relying on a mobile device.

Sociabble has already teamed up with industry leaders like Coca-Cola CCEP, Primark, and L’Occitane en Provence to enhance their employee communications. For example, Seris has managed to bridge the distance between field agents and the brand. We’d love to discuss ways we can partner with your company as well.

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