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How to Turn Your Frontline Sales Team into Social Sellers

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It’s common sense: the best ambassadors for your brand are often the ones who have the most direct contact with potential clients and the general public. And that means employees on the frontline. But how can you help your frontline sales team get the word out about the brand, and turn promising leads into profitable deals?

With the right strategy and content, it’s well within your grasp. In this article, we’ll share ways you can help turn your frontline sales team into a force of skilled social sellers.

Obstacles that stand in the way of frontline social selling success

Social selling has become an integral component of modern-day sales strategies. What was once on the fringe of sales techniques has become commonplace, if not essential. However, turning frontline sales teams into social sellers can be a daunting task for many organizations due to various challenges, such as:

Lack of social media expertise

Many frontline sales workers may not be familiar with using social media for sales purposes and may require training and guidance to become effective social sellers.

Resistance to change

Some frontline sales workers may be resistant to using social media as a sales tool, due to a lack of understanding or a preference for traditional sales methods.

Inconsistent messaging

Without proper guidance and oversight, frontline sales workers may create inconsistent messaging and branding on social media, which can lead to confusion and a loss of trust among customers.

Difficulty measuring impact

It can be challenging to measure the impact of social selling efforts, and to determine how much social selling is contributing to overall sales performance.

Difficulty identifying and leveraging top performers

Companies may struggle to identify and motivate their top-performing frontline sales workers and may not fully leverage their expertise.


However, it’s worth noting: great sales professionals aren’t born, they’re made. And strong communication coupled with the right training and motivation is what can take your sales team to the next level.

Transforming Frontline Communications

Are your frontline workers connected?

Discover practical strategies to enhance communication, keep your frontline employees engaged, and drive measurable results!

Solutions for transforming your frontline sales team into social sellers

Having a centralized communication platform that can reach your frontline workers is the first step. But how does your employee communication platform fit into all this, and where do you go from there? Well, this is how a solution like Sociabble can give sellers the information, the tools, and the proper motivation to get them performing at their very best.

Providing a platform for training

Sociabble can provide a platform for training frontline sellers on how to leverage social media to improve sales. This includes training on how to create engaging social media posts, how to use social media analytics, and how to respond to customer inquiries on social media.

Encouraging social media use

Sociabble can encourage frontline sellers to use social media by highlighting the benefits of social selling, such as increased visibility, improved customer engagement, and higher sales.

Storing ready-to-use social media content

Content such as pre-approved product images and descriptions, social media posts, and other marketing collateral can all be created and stored for reference and use. This saves time for frontline sellers and ensures that all content is consistent with the company’s branding and messaging.


Sociabble can incorporate gamification elements into social selling, such as challenges and rewards for meeting sales targets, to encourage frontline sellers to engage with social selling and improve their performance.


Real-time analytics

Sociabble provides real-time analytics that can be used to track the impact of social selling efforts, monitor sales performance, and identify areas for improvement. This information can be used to adjust sales strategies and improve sales performance.

Lead gen tracking

Sociabble’s lead gen tracking capabilities allow for unique discount codes and QR codes that can be used to track sales made by specific frontline sellers, which can then help identify top performers and incentivize sales.

Caste Study: How Generali turned thousands of its frontline agents into online sales experts

Established in 1831, Generali is one of the largest and most respected global insurance and asset management providers around, with offices in over 50 countries, with more than 72,000 employees serving 65.9 million customers. And agents are still the core of the business—that hasn’t changed, even in the face of digital transformation and increases in remote work.

Keeping these teams of agents, located in offices around the world, connected to the central brand while empowered to build leads at a distance has become a new priority—without sacrificing the company’s traditional commitment to longtime, meaningful partnerships with its customers.

Agents needed the ability to build their own personal brand online, as well as establish their status as thought leaders in the field, no matter where they were physically located. This was crucial to allowing them to continue to build leads and connect with prospective and existing clients. Social media in the insurance industry was no longer a “nice to have,” but an essential.

After weighing their options and comparing solutions, Generali decided to partner with Sociabble, to launch a new digital platform and empower their workforce as online advocates and social advisors.

The Digital Visibility program for agents launched by Generali on the Sociabble platform has been a success in that it’s been adopted by thousands of agents.

Additionally, the initial goal of 4 content shares per month, per agent, has been easily reached, thanks to relevant content and transparent sharing capabilities provided by the Sociabble platform.

The program has already been deployed in offices in Italy, France, Slovenia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic, proving that a largescale Employee Advocacy and Social Selling initiative across multiple countries and cultures can work.

Sociabble: The communication solution that creates expert frontline social sellers

Sociabble is the total communication solution that’s specifically designed to keep frontline workers connected, informed, and engaged with company life, while also giving them the tools they need to build leads and make sales.

With Sociabble, they’ll receive the updates and notifications their job demands, regardless of if they’re at a desk at HQ, or on the frontlines, relying on a mobile device.

Sociabble has already teamed up with industry leaders like Coca-Cola CCEP, Primark, and L’Occitane en Provence to enhance their employee communications, and we’d love to discuss ways we can partner with your company as well.

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