The Importance of Employee Recognition on Social Media

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The Importance of Employee Recognition on Social Media

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Employee recognition schemes have been around for longer than social media; companies have been rewarding their ‘employees of the week/month’ since day dot.  However, in today’s digital world such initiatives have taken on an even greater meaning.

Social media doesn’t just allow your employees to connect with and vouch for your company online.  It enables you in turn to welcome ideas, boost engagement and enhance collaboration.  Recognition in all its forms is an integral part of this, and is a proven method of driving bottom-line results.



Help Your Employees to Help You

When an employee approaches you with an idea, you don’t just shut the door in their face.   On social media, the same goes: your door should always be open.

Feedback, however positive or negative, is always preferable to no response at all.  Silence implies that you have simply brushed an idea under the carpet, refusing or even forgetting to acknowledge it.  Responding, on the other hand, demonstrates that you appreciate employees’ contributions and that you respect what it is they have to say.

On social media, there is no need to wait for the weekly meeting or daily de-brief to hand out feedback; employees can be reached at the click of a button.  So take the time to listen to them and make a concerted effort to respond.  When you do this, they will be happier, more open to collaboration and increasingly motivated to engage with projects and ventures you promote on social networks.

A Little Recognition Goes a Very Long Way

Recognition should encompass both individual and team achievements.  All employees appreciate being congratulated on their own performance.  But when they are also rewarded for collective success, it creates a sense of unity and fosters an innovative company culture.  One of the best things about social media is that it creates more opportunities for employees across the board to support, congratulate and encourage each other.

Their ability to do this, however, is dependent on good leadership.  The more information you make available on social media, the more your employees will learn about all company activity.  Indeed, engaging with social media content allows individuals to place what they do in a wider, more informed context and to understand how their work is having an impact on overall company goals.

It so follows that employees need to know exactly what you’re asking of them; if your expectations on social media are vague and inconsistent, how on earth can you expect them to make valid contributions?  Defining clear performance goals from the outset boosts productivity and leads to behavior that feeds into departmental and/or organizational objectives.

Whether you opt for congratulatory posts or more formalized gamification schemes, you need to establish a regular method of applauding your employees’ efforts on social media.  Their engagement online is proof of their commitment to your company; by rewarding this, you return the favor.

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