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Sociabble Supports One-O-One on Its SECOND LIFE Platform

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Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

Sociabble is both proud and honored to partner with One-O-One and contribute toward the improvement of intensive care services.

Intensive care is a crucial—but difficult—experience for everyone involved, from the patients to the family members to the care staff themselves. SECOND LIFE is the first private digital network exclusively dedicated to supporting intensive care survivors, as well as their loved ones and caregivers, to “live better” during and after intensive care.

Sociabble is honored to be able to help build this community together with the One-O-One organization, by serving as the digital foundation of its SECOND LIFE platform.

Healthcare matters. And intensive care is at the heart of it.

There are many facets of medical care, and few are more important than intensive care. However, it is a medical field that is not well known by the general public, despite the fact that it includes aspects of almost every medical discipline.

Central to the operation of the hospital, intensive care is a specialty in which the quality of care and the performance of the teams are decisive for the recovery of the patient. Both have to work together in harmony to achieve success.

Every year around the world, more than 30 million patients are admitted to intensive care, usually with a directly life-threatening prognosis. For them and often their families, the word “tomorrow” takes on a whole new meaning, as its very existence becomes dependent on the expertise of the medical teams who provide the care.

Intensive care needs are increasing all over the world, with a 40% increase in the number of patients expected by 2030. To accommodate this increase, it’s imperative that the support system is equipped, staffed, and ready. But up until now, few organizations or initiatives have been willing to tackle this problem head-on.

The objective of One-O-One

Created in 2018, 101 (One-O-One) is the only international endowment fund dedicated entirely to the progress of intensive care.

Its objective? To raise 10 million euros and save 1 million lives over the next 4 years, by accelerating the implementation of best intensive care practices and the development of new knowledge and technologies.

This includes the evolution of precise medical treatments as well as researching improvements in quality of life, and it involves all players (medical teams, scientists, clinicians, patients, companies, and the general public). To provide a roadmap for success, One-O-One’s innovative and data-driven strategic approach is based on 3 major missions: better care, better understanding, and better support.

SECOND LIFE, the resuscitation support network

It was with this goal in mind—to create a “better experience” in intensive care—that 101 created SECOND LIFE, the first network exclusively dedicated to the intensive care field, using the Sociabble digital communication platform as its foundation.

SECOND LIFE aims to become the official support community for intensive care.

Within this platform, former patients, their relatives, and caregivers alike will find the latest news, advice, developments, and a place to share personal experiences. SECOND LIFE wants to support survivors and their loved ones to overcome the stress and trauma of a stay in intensive care, and to help them connect to individuals with similar experiences—with the end goal of returning to a high-quality “second life” for all patients.

SECOND LIFE also seeks to bring meaning and purpose to the daily lives of caregivers, by showing them all the “second lives” that their commitment and dedication give birth to. Via the platform, they can also meet their peers beyond their department, while advancing the profession and its practices by centralizing access to information and creating a link between all caregivers in the field.

Sociabble, tech sponsor of the SECOND LIFE platform

Sociabble is proud and honored to contribute to the progress of intensive care, alongside One-O-One, by partnering with them to create their digital communication platform, SECOND LIFE.

According to Jean-Louis BĂ©nard, CEO of Sociabble: “The private sector has a responsibility to support initiatives that have a direct and lasting impact on people’s lives. The environment and advances in medical care are two battles that Sociabble has chosen to take on. This is why we support One-O-One through SECOND LIFE, which is an effective way to change the lives of patients and the daily lives of caregivers in the field.”

SECOND LIFE is a platform that takes advantage of all the advanced features of Sociabble: content creation, photo and video sharing, aggregation of content from social networks, surveys, and more.

Advice, testimonials, motivational content, and specialized information are all broadcast on channels dedicated to target users (patients, relatives, or caregivers in intensive care), creating an online community where all parties can participate and share.

If you’d like to learn more about the challenges of the intensive care field, or even ways you can support the mission of One-O-One, don’t hesitate to visit for more information.

About One-O-One

one o one

Since 2018, the 101 Endowment Fund (One-O-One) has been working for the progress of intensive care by financing healthcare education and training projects, innovative initiatives to accelerate research, as well as supportive campaigns to unite caregivers, patients, and families for a better intensive care experience.

101’s mission is to save 1 million lives over the next 4 years by investing in the field of information technologies and AI with a rigorous scientific approach, deployed across its global network of affiliated intensive care services. 101 is a non-profit organization authorized to receive donations.

If you’d like to give to 101 (One-O-One), you can donate here.

And if you’d like to learn more about Sociabble, you can speak with a representative here.

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