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Sociabble Support: Expertise and Resources for Successful Projects

Marketing Team, Experts in Employee Advocacy, Sociabble
Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

Deploying a platform for a company’s entire employee base requires new knowledge and skills. And from the very beginning, Sociabble has always supported its clients’ communication initiatives, both in the form of numerous resources and top-notch support.

Corporate communication is undergoing a profound transformation. Within company walls and on social platforms, the brand identity and messaging can now benefit from new digital tools that accelerate their dissemination and strengthen their visibility.

In this article, you’ll learn how Sociabble’s support services help this transformation run smoothly, thanks to: 

SB Heroes: A resource and discussion platform for the customer community

Customer Success Managers: Expert consultants specializing in corporate communication



SB Heroes: A Resource and Discussion Platform for the Customer Community

Over the years, Sociabble has participated in dozens of successful Internal Communication, Employee Advocacy, and Social Selling programs. And thanks to these projects, we have acquired a considerable body of knowledge and experience that we share every day with our clients.

In addition to the live exchanges that occur with our CSM consultants, we also seek to make this knowledge available to the thousands of client managers who do not have regular access to the CSMs. This is why we wanted to create a helpful and exclusive knowledge-sharing platform that all of our clients can use.

In the spring of 2020, in order to accomplish this, Sociabble launched a new platform for its clients: Sociabble Heroes, which had two main objectives:

    • Create a community of client heroes. We believe that all of our customers should benefit from the experiences and best practices of their peers. And the best way to do this is to create a space where they can read testimonials, share ideas, participate in events, and ask questions.
    • Offer support for our clients’ projects. Every day, our clients can benefit from advice and resources gathered in a knowledge base that is permanently accessible, and that is enriched by the advanced features of Sociabble—educational content, visual and video information, highlights for important announcements, a powerful search engine, etc.

Supplied daily with publications from our various teams (product marketing, CSM, consultants) and our clients, Sociabble Heroes provides access to the following resources:

    • More than 2,000 administrators and power users, marketing and communication professionals around the world, in many different sectors and representing a wide variety of business sizes, all connected and accessible
    • Extensive advice on the use of strategic features, administration, and various use cases
    • Regular and exclusive announcements on the new features of Sociabble: their uses, their potential, and how to deploy them
    • Ready-to-use content on many themes and in many formats (gamification, quizzes, surveys, etc.) and above all, available free of charge
    • Exclusive events (online and offline) to discuss ideas with other customers, and our teams
    • Customer engagement with significant rewards, like with trees to be planted in the “Trees for Tigers” reforestation project in India


Customer Success Consultants Specializing in Corporate and Operational Communication

When the time comes to deploy a new tool at the company, to make it available to employees and, above all, to ensure that they actually use it, you don’t want to experiment or leave things up to chance. Over the years, Sociabble’s Customer Success Managers have helped hundreds of companies set up their new digital communication tool. At every stage of the project, Sociabble consultants bring their unique expertise, acquired from working with organizations of all sizes, in many different sectors, and with different specific objectives.

Thanks to that experience, Sociabble consulting can be a major factor in accelerating the success of a project.

Before launch

Employee Communication, Employee Advocacy, and Social Selling: If you choose to launch your project with Sociabble, you will benefit from the experience of our consultants. Even before launching your platform, a Sociabble CSM will discuss your objectives and goals with you, to make the best possible choices. The information exchanged during this consulting phase prior to launch will be used to design and configure a platform best suited to your needs. They will also help establish an effective deployment and adoption strategy.

Here are some of the things you will discuss together:

The objectives and KPIs of the project.

What do you want to achieve? What transformations do you want to see in your organization, supported by a better communication tool? Our consultants will be able to guide you, over the duration of the project, to achieve clear and measurable objectives.

Analysis of the existing situation and needs.

Sociabble consultants will audit with you the tools and methods that your organization already uses, their strengths, possible areas for improvement, etc.

Governance and organization of the project.

Who will be the key players in your communication project? What will their roles be? And what will be the milestones they’ll seek to achieve? These are all questions for which our CSMs will provide you with insights, from their experiences on projects similar to yours.

Communication, launch, and engagement.

How best to introduce Sociabble to your employees? How do you create the event for your launch? And how do you mobilize them from the very beginning? Assisted by our own Sociabble Content Factory, our CSM consultants will ensure that the arrival of Sociabble at your company is a success for your brand and your employees.

Training of administrators and users.

Sociabble is already an extremely simple and intuitive platform, but to speed up administration and engagement, it is important to train future administrators and users in key features and methods. Our CSMs will run comprehensive and illustrated training sessions to ensure a fully-operational platform from launch.

During the life of your platform

After the launch, Sociabble consultants will stay by your side to support you on a host of topics, for optimizing your Sociabble platform. Our CSMs will offer you the training and discussion formats that best fit your situation and schedule.

During these meetings, workshops and steering committees, you will discuss the following topics:

    • Ongoing training for the latest new features of Sociabble, so that you stay aligned with the most recent feature updates as they are released
    • Sharing recommendations and best practices from our experiences with other clients, covering many different sectors but with similar objectives
    • Regular analysis of data from the platform vis-a-vis your KPIs, to identify successes and areas for improvement
    • Continuous adjustment of the overall administration strategy based on proven methodologies of engagement and gamification
    • Regular strategic reviews to ensure the alignment of the project with the objectives of the company

The mission of Sociabble’s CSMs is to provide you with the knowledge necessary to create the conditions for a successful platform. As the dedicated contacts for your project, they will accompany you at all the decisive stages, and they will answer all your questions.

And when a more specific need emerges, Sociabble also offers additional expertise, carried out by fully integrated teams, familiar with all the issues related to client platforms.

The mission of Sociabble’s CSMs is to provide you with the knowledge necessary to create the conditions for a successful platform.



Sociabble is a modern and visual communication platform, inspired by the formats of social networks. Both its use and its administration require skills and resources that are sometimes new for our clients.

This is why we offer support on related subjects that can also contribute to the success of their platform:

The content strategy.

With a strategy designed around the platform’s specific features, it is possible to design, produce, and distribute targeted content, which will generate unparalleled engagement on the part of your users.

Content design and creation.

When launching their platform, or simply over time, our clients need to produce high quality content that fits their brand. At Sociabble, they know they can rely on our dedicated creative team. As we are intimately familiar with which formats work best, the Sociabble Content Factory is able to quickly create audio, video, and visual content, interface elements, and even creative analysis reports.

Change management.

With years of experience in topics that are often new to our clients, we know how the introduction of a next-generation tool can sometimes confuse administrators and users alike. Supported by a rigorous methodology, our team of consultants will supervise the workshops and resources needed to support your employees in mastering new digital practices. To ensure the success of their projects, Sociabble offers its clients exclusive and comprehensive services and resources. This support represents an original approach in the market—one you won’t find with any other comparable platform around.