Why Organizing an Event with Sociabble Is like Throwing a Party

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Organizing an Event with Sociabble Is like Throwing a Party. Learn Why

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Organizing an Event

With Sociabble, organizing an event is a lot like throwing a party. First, you pick an online venue; this can be a private Sociabble network for a community of event advocates, an event-specific channel on an existing Sociabble network, a public Social Wall that is embedded on the event website, or a combination of these tools.

Next, you send out invitations to employees, partners and event participants, allowing them to sign up to the Sociabble platform, channel and/or Social Wall, and generate additional buzz by sharing event-related content on their own social networks.

Of course, like any party, it’s great if those involved bring their own gifts. From tweets to teasers, white papers to speaker bios, Sociabble allows you to aggregate content from company and third party sources on a single, self-refreshing platform. In this way, you create a central hub and an ever-expanding content library for your event.

Now to make your Sociabble platform(s) the place to be, wherever your event attendees are. You can launch during-event initiatives such as campaigns, challenges and live Twitter feeds (Sociabble Live); which enables participants to stay in the loop whether they are attending the event in person or following it online.

And for optimal reach before, during and after the event? With Sociabble, content aggregation and engagement initiatives can start as far in advance as you like, and continue for as long as possible. So on social media, people will be talking about your event way before it starts and long after it has finished.



Take an Example: Microsoft TechDays 2015

Microsoft TechDays is the most important IT event in Europe and the most renowned among digital professionals. Ahead of TechDays 2015, Microsoft engaged its existing community of employee advocates on Sociabble by creating a new event channel. It had over 100 social network feeds filtered according to event-specific keywords.

The visibility of TechDays was also boosted before, during, and after the event by a Social Wall. This aggregated and displayed the social media feeds of Microsoft, guest speakers and partners. Integrated directly into the TechDays website, the Social Wall allowed all site visitors to view and share content, while pertinent tweets were displayed on large screens at the event.

The Microsoft TechDays Social Wall

The Microsoft TechDays Social Wall


Find out more about how Microsoft amplified the visibility of TechDays 2015 on social media with Sociabble here.

Organizing an event of your own? Contact us to discuss tailoring the Sociabble for Events solution to your needs and objectives.

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