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How to Improve Internal Communications with Microsoft Teams and Yammer

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Companies today are faced with a unique challenge. In a world  with a bunch of digital tools and constant information, it’s crucial to put internal communication at the forefront and to know how to improve internal communications.

Employees need to stay better-informed than consumers, clients, competitors, and even the general public. But with social media and online newsfeeds, it’s difficult for employees to stay ahead of the news. It’s hard to stay up to date on that constant flow of changing information. And without the proper internal communication platform or direction, many employees simply won’t do it.

With this in mind, how can companies improve their internal communication program with Yammer and Microsoft Teams? How can they keep their workforce informed and engaged on these platforms?

In our latest Ebook, “Getting Informed & Influential Employees on Microsoft Teams & Yammer,” we lay out a strategy for companies already using these tools to keep their employees informed, engaged, and influential in an increasingly competitive digital environment, via an effortless, automatic system for content curation and distribution.

Specifically, we present a system for ensuring that employees maintain their informational edge, backed up by both technology and methodology.

What is a “well-informed employee” in the digital world of today?

Good question. Above all, it’s an employee who is aware of what’s going on within their company and their industry. It’s someone who reads, digests, and interacts with information that is supplied by the various corporate channels, acting as part of a larger professional community. And in today’s fast-paced digital world, keeping employees informed and engaged is more important than ever.

Internal communication has to evolve in order to keep up. It has to address this new dynamic. Information no longer belongs to the privileged few; it’s everywhere, and it’s always changing. It’s always present, and it comes from all sides.

However, if employees do not have access to the full external ecosystem of events and news, then they are not capable of becoming fully informed and fully engaged within their company or their sector.

Why do employees need to be informed with internal communications?

Frankly, the speed and availability of online information has given the general public, including consumers, clients, and competitors, an advantage. These days, expertise is far more accessible than ever before, and in an ever-changing digital world, those who can keep up are usually those who succeed.

This is beneficial for employers because it creates a workforce that’s more productive, more engaged, more aware of how the work they do fits into the larger strategy, and more capable of going beyond their assigned tasks to help achieve larger corporate goals.

It’s beneficial for employees because they understand their role within the company, they are more motivated, and they are better equipped to advance within their profession. Essentially, it is mutually beneficial for employers and employees alike. Everybody wins.

What do they need to become informed thanks to internal communications?

Above all, for employees to function well and be successful in their company and sector, it’s absolutely crucial that they have instant access to the relevant information they need. They need the ability to receive relevant information thanks to internal communication newsletters, but also create and share it with their online peers.

Effectively, to become thought leaders in their field and their industry, and use that influence to spread positive brand awareness. To sum up, these information sources can include:

# Third-Party Content

Essays, articles, white papers, and other sources of information external to the company. There is an entire world of blog posts and journal articles to be used.

# Competitive Reports

To perform well in a sector, employees need to know what the competition is doing. Keeping up on how competitors are performing in the industry is a must.

# Breaking Industry News

New marketing campaigns, mergers, and basic trends are all essential for well-informed employees. And there are more news sources than ever for covering the field.

# Updates from Industry Thought Leaders

Keeping up-to-date on the social media feeds of other thought leaders allows employees to stay relevant in fields that are constantly evolving. Doing so allows employees to engage with other thought leaders as peers.

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Microsoft Teams & Yammer are effective collaboration tools. But they can also improve your internal communications

Currently, many companies use Microsoft Teams and Yammer as tools for company communication. Their strength is collaboration, and their focus is internal. For example, they allow employees to share ideas and information within a company, directly with their co-workers, regarding developments at the team and organizational level.

But for employees to truly be informed, engaged, and influential, they need to access another level of information. Most importantly, they need to have an external connection, to the larger professional ecosystem beyond.

At Sociabble, we believe communications can be extended beyond the traditional internal environment, in a way that greatly enhances the experience of the employees and benefits the brand’s awareness level and perception in the public sphere.

In short, we believe that when it comes to keeping employees informed and engaged, you can do more to help employees become advocates for your brand, with only a few simple and painless adjustments to your communication strategy.

With just a few short steps, you can improve internal communication with Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

Improve internal communications

Download our latest white paper to find out how to improve internal communications at your company! 

In conclusion, with only minimal effort, Microsoft Teams and Yammer can be augmented to link the internal world of collaborative communication with the larger online ecosystem beyond. Employees can have access to the relevant, professional information they need, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Specifically, they can become thought leaders in their field, and influential in how they engage with their online peers. Industry news, competitive analysis, third-party content, corporate feeds—it can all be curated and integrated into a single stream of valuable information, to be distributed and shared on Microsoft Teams and Yammer.

And best of all, the solution is simple, quick, and painless to implement. With the right platform and methodology, the relevant information employees need is always available. It’s an effective yet easy way to improve internal communication with Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

In this white paper, you will learn about internal communications:

✔The full benefits of having informed employees

✔The difference between digital collaboration and external communication

✔Ways to extend information and influence into the full external online ecosystem

✔How to curate relevant external news and updates automatically for employees on Microsoft Teams & Yammer

✔How to use that information to help employees become thought leaders and brand ambassadors

To discover how your company can improve internal communication, you can download our latest white paper here.

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