Sociabble curation for Workplace by Facebook


Introducing Sociabble Curation for Workplace by Facebook

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Sociabble is happy to announce the release of Sociabble Curation for Workplace by Facebook, an offer dedicated to the automation of content curation for Workplace by Facebook. The offer enables employees to access content within Workplace by Facebook, including external content such as that from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and content from curation tools and Feedly. Parameterized Sociabble bots provide easy and pertinent curation, fully moderated by page administrators.


Sociabble Curation for Workplace by Facebook

A well-informed employee is one who has access to a variety of information from within and outside of their enterprise. Content from: their ecosystem, company partners, competitors, the industry news. Sociabble curation for Workplace by Facebook makes it easy to address this need for Facebook enterprise social network clients. Internal communication is therefore supplemented by external information.


Simple, Quick, and Easy


The Sociabble platform allows aggregating content streams from multiple sources:

– Feeds from company LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages, hashtags, Vkontakt (Russia) Xing (Germany), Youtube, Slideshare, etc…

– Corporate RSS Feeds

– Curation streams from Feedly and

– Content created or imported by administrators on the platform that is designed for internal communication


This content is then pushed by Sociabble bots to relevant internal communications groups on Workplace by Facebook; according to rules defined by platform administrators, which may include source keyword, administrator selection, hashtags, etc… The administrator can adjust the bots ‘ work by manually selecting relevant content if desired.

Content is shared on Workplace by Facebook as if it had been shared by a user. Each post includes Title, summary, image and of course a link to the final content.


It takes mere minutes to configure and set up both the platform and bots.


Sociabble for Workplace by Facebook, how it works?


Companies have the possibility to go beyond internal communications and enable their employees to share and build brand awareness via employee advocacy. When sharing features are activated, users can share authorized content to their personal social networks, earn points, participate in challenges, and be rewarded for their commitment.



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