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How Video Can Humanize Corporate and Employee Communications

At a time when personal connection and engagement are increasingly valued, humanizing corporate communication is essential. Learn how !
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Communication Team Experts in Internal Communication

In our rapidly evolving corporate world, the approach to internal and external communication within organizations is undergoing a significant transformation. Traditional corporate communication methods often fall short in fostering personal connections, leading to a disconnect between the message and its audience.

Today, at a time when personal connection and engagement are increasingly valued, humanizing corporate communication is not just beneficial; it’s essential. Video emerges as a powerful tool in this context, offering a way to make corporate messages more relatable, engaging, and human.

Bridging the Distance in Corporate Communication

In corporate environments, communication challenges often stem from a sense of disconnection. Employees and stakeholders can feel distanced due to the impersonal nature of text-based communications like emails or memos.

There’s a risk of misinterpretation and a lack of emotional engagement with such methods. The challenge for modern corporations is to transform these traditional methods into something more engaging and personal – something that captures the human element inherent in every corporate entity.

The Power of Video in Humanizing Communication: Bringing a Personal Touch to Corporate Messages

Video has the unique ability to add a personal, human touch to corporate communication. It combines visuals, tone, and body language, which are key to conveying emotions and intentions – elements that text cannot capture effectively. Studies show that people are more likely to engage with and remember video content as opposed to text.

For instance, a survey by Wyzowl found that 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Video can transform corporate messages into engaging narratives, making them more memorable and impactful.

84% of people say they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.Wyzowl

Sociabble’s Vision: Humanizing Communication Through Video

Sociabble Enterprise Video: A Gateway to Engaging Communication

Sociabble understands the transformative power of video in corporate communication. Our vision encompasses using video to make corporate messages more human, relatable, and engaging. The Sociabble Enterprise Video (SEV) solution is the embodiment of this vision, addressing the common communication challenges faced by corporations today.

Key Features That Bring Your Messages to Life

SEV offers several features that aid in humanizing corporate communication:

  • Mobile Accessibility: SEV democratizes information by making videos accessible on mobile devices, ensuring frontline workers, often disconnected from traditional channels, stay informed and engaged.
  • Automated Summaries: This feature provides concise summaries of video content, allowing employees to quickly understand the key messages.
  • Multilingual Subtitles: Ensuring inclusivity, the platform offers subtitles in multiple languages, making messages accessible to a diverse workforce.
  • User-Generated Content: SEV empowers employees to create and share their own video content, fostering a sense of community and personal connection within the organization.

Highlighting Employee Stories for Engagement and Recognition

Incorporating employee stories through video is not only effective for communication but also plays a crucial role in recognition and engagement. When employees see their colleagues featured in corporate videos, it adds a level of relatability and authenticity that text cannot replicate. It also serves as a form of recognition, boosting morale and engagement.

A report by Forbes states that employee engagement can increase by up to 250% with enhanced internal communication. Sharing these stories embodies the messages, making them more impactful and resonant with the audience.

Real-World Applications and Success Stories: Humanizing Corporate Communication in Action

Sociabble’s video platform has successfully transformed corporate communication in various organizations:

  • A multinational corporation utilized SEV for sharing monthly CEO messages, leading to a significant uptick in employee engagement and morale.
  • A healthcare provider leveraged SEV during the COVID-19 pandemic to disseminate health protocols, resulting in a better-informed and prepared workforce.
  • In the retail sector, a company used SEV to share customer feedback and best practices, enhancing customer service and boosting employee satisfaction.

Authenticity Doesn’t Rely on Highly Polished Videos

The effectiveness of video in corporate communication isn’t necessarily tied to high production values; in fact, simple, authentic content often resonates more deeply with audiences.

We’ve observed CEOs of very large organizations engaging their workforce with basic face-cam videos recorded with their phone, directly addressing their teams. These straightforward, barely edited videos, when pinned to the top of the platform, have shown remarkably high engagement rates from employees.

This approach underscores the value of genuine, human connection over polished production, highlighting that the message’s sincerity and directness can significantly enhance employee engagement and the overall impact of communication efforts.

Conclusion: The Future Is Authentic and Inclusive Video Communication

The shift towards incorporating video into corporate communication heralds a new era of more authentic, personal, and effective interactions within organizations. Sociabble’s SEV solution is at the forefront of this transformation, offering tools that not only facilitate high-quality message delivery but also prioritize authenticity and inclusivity.

The success of simple, direct video messages from leadership illustrates that authenticity often trumps production value in resonating with and engaging a corporate audience. As we move forward, the ability of platforms like Sociabble’s SEV to support both produced and spontaneous video content will be key in fostering a more informed, connected, and engaged corporate community, making every employee feel valued and heard.

At Sociabble, we’ve partnered with leaders like Primark, Pierre Fabre Group, and Coca-Cola CCEP to enhance their internal communications. We invite you to explore how Sociabble can assist your company in humanizing its corporate communication. Reach out for a free, personalized demo to discover the transformative power of Sociabble Enterprise Video. Let’s make your corporate messages not only heard, but also felt and remembered.

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