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Sociabble Live at the Employee Advocacy Summit 2015, a Virtual Event

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Sociabble Live at the Employee Advocacy Summit 2015


On Wednesday April 29 Sociabble took part in the Employee Advocacy Summit 2015; a virtual event organized by The Marketing Scope. As a sponsor of the event, Sociabble ran an interactive webcast. How to Launch an Employee Advocacy Program on a Global Scale: The Microsoft Case.

Following a pilot phase rolled out in selected countries, Microsoft deployed an employee advocacy program in 40 countries; engaging around 17 000 employees. The Sociabble webcast explored the key objectives involved in launching this program; including how Microsoft has implemented a global approach that addresses regional needs.



Using the Microsoft case study as an example, the Sociabble webcast explored what can be expected from an employee advocacy program; as well as the benefits of starting with a pilot program in selected regions. The discussion covered striking a balance between a global approach and regional needs; and measuring the impact of employee advocacy has on business objectives.

Online attendees were able to watch the discussion online and interact directly with speakers via a virtual booth. A question and answer session with both Sociabble and Microsoft representatives followed the webcast.

Click here to view the webcast.


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