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How to Deal with the Shutdown of LinkedIn Elevate: A Smart Solution

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Sales Team Experts in business development

LinkedIn Elevate will no longer be available as a stand-alone product. But what does this mean? It means that some functionalities will be available as part of the standard LinkedIn pages, to allow for similar Social Selling capabilities. But is this enough to engage your workforce on an advocacy program?

Sociabble/LinkedIn Elevate: The Story

Here at Sociabble, we have a special history with LinkedIn Elevate. Five years ago, Microsoft chose Sociabble as its Employee Advocacy and Social Selling platform, and we built together a platform for 17,000 employees.

A few years after, following the acquisition of LinkedIn, Microsoft moved to Elevate for obvious reasons. But despite this move, our previous collaboration has helped us to build a solution that is tailored for large-scale Employee Advocacy and Social Selling initiatives.

So will the features of LinkedIn Elevate incorporated into a company’s standard LinkedIn page be enough for an Employee Advocacy or Social Selling initiative? We don’t think so, and this is why we believe that complementing your company’s LinkedIn pages with a platform like Sociabble is by far the most effective solution.

Reason #1: You Need More than a Product to Succeed

You need a dedicated team to work alongside you, every step of the way. Effectively, a Social Selling or Employee Advocacy platform is only useful if it comes with the essential human component.

At Sociabble, we know that while advanced yet intuitive technology can be crucial to a program’s success, without the right network of training, support, and customer service, it’s essentially useless.

After all, what good is an advanced tool if you have no one to teach you how to use it, maintain it, and provide crucial updates and maintenance? These are the human support elements that Sociabble provides:

A Dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager will help you track the full-lifecycle of your engagement program, and tactically respond to any actions which need to be addressed.

The Account Manager will also make sure that you are on track to following the long-term vison and goals you want to achieve.

Some examples of how Sociabble works with its clients include: expert workshops, training sessions, personalized statistics and reports with KPI exports, regular meetings for recommendations, best practices and adjustments, etc.

IT Consulting

You will receive high-level IT consulting to assist with security questions from your CIO team, integration questions, custom processing of onboarding advice, and insights of the innovation lab, which will give you the opportunity to discuss possible inclusion of new features into the Sociabble roadmap of product development.

A Global Operational + Strategic Support Network

You will benefit from operational support, whether it be technical support or functional.  We have offices in Paris, London, New York, and Mumbai, and assistance is never very far away.

Depending on your needs, Sociabble can also help in other areas of expertise such as content strategy through designing workshops to help you build a scalable content operation, content management, or creation tools.

This can even include creative design through expertise in the production of video, audio, photo, digital communication. The Sociabble creative team can support any custom requests from its clients.

Guided Tours with Tutorials

You will have general tutorials. Sociabble offers to all its clients guided tours of the platform, for both the Administrator and the End-User side. The library of tutorials and guided tours is frequently updated to reflect the functionalities of the platform.

It is free of charge to all clients and End-Users, and available in French and English. Custom guided tours can be produced on demand.

Access to Sociabble Heroes Platform and FAQ’s

You will become part of our champion community of SB Heroes. All Sociabble client Administrators have access to the SB Heroes platform, where they can share best practices, ready to use content, market insights, and new feature announcements.

And for all End-Users, you will have access to Sociabble’s Knowledgebase and FAQs, which is a “self-service” database of information designed to answer pressing questions in a timely manner.

Reason #2: You Need a Social Selling Solution That Really Engages People

Effective Social Selling and Employee Advocacy is all about engagement. About getting your workforce and the people they interact with on social networks to engage with content, to create discussions and expand professional networks.

And Sociabble is designed specifically around generating engagement through a host of features that will empower your people to create, share, and comment on content, becoming thought leaders in their sectors and developing a network of relationships and prospects.

For example, with Sociabble, you can:

  • Highlight important information to share, via pinning, mobile notifications, exciting newsletters, etc., all of which can be precisely targeted, thanks to segmentation of content and users.
  • Rely on multiple sources of content, including UGC, Admin (with multiple descriptions of the same content), Social media feeds, RSS as well as our curation solutions like and Feedly.
  • Manage the complexity of a large-scale program, including SSO integration for smooth onboarding, governance, compliance (like keyword filtering), administration delegation for global/local effectiveness, and multi-language management with real-time translation.
  • Engage through a gamification framework which includes badges, quizzes, and polls, and that is backed up by meaningful reward & CSR initiatives, like our Sociabble Trees program.
  • Brand, if you choose, the entire experience for better engagement, by incorporating your company’s colors and logos into the platform and mobile app for a customized experience.
  • Support all major social networks, including regional and local networks like WeChat, VK, XING, etc.
  • Engage all your employees, including frontline workers without professional email addresses, thanks to social media walls and mobile apps.
  • Not only reshare but also create and schedule new content for more authenticity, with features designed to help employees become effective sharers and creators of UGC.
  • Generate advanced reporting to data-drive the program, including features like equivalent paid media, % of traffic generated by the EA program, and lead tracking, among others.
  • Combine with your Internal Communication program, if it makes sense as part of your overall communication strategy to form a total communications solution.

Reason #3: Because Sociabble Works!

We’ve made a strong case for why Sociabble can fill in the gaps that LinkedIn company pages alone cannot, and why it makes such a powerful and effective Social Selling and Employee Advocacy platform.

And Sociabble has been used in over 80 countries around the world, by industry leaders like Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, L’Occitane, and many others. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are examples of what the top analysts have to say about us:


Sociabble was included in the most recent 2019 Gartner Report, Market Guide for Employee Communications Applications. According to Gartner, “Sociabble’s platform broadens beyond employee advocacy and social selling to support internal communications, customer advocacy and influencer marketing, as well as social command center capabilities.”

Sociabble was also included in the Gartner Report, Market Guide for Employee Advocacy Tools, published in October 2019. One of only 11 platforms selected.


Sociabble was portrayed in the Forrester New Wave™: Sales Social Engagement Tools, 2019. Among 8 vendors selected, Sociabble was designated “leader”, the only European company featured.

Sociabble’s capabilities were described by analysts as such:

Leads the sales social engagement tools category with functionality tailored to sellers and an ability to scale.


G2 is a peer-to-peer review site which focuses on aggregating End-User reviews for business software. Sociabble is categorized as a high performer in the Employee Communications category and Employee Advocacy category.

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