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In our Webinar with Toshiba, We Discuss How to Successfully Implement a Social Selling Plan

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Social Selling, from Strategy to Implementation: A Webinar with Toshiba


Over the course of just one year, Toshiba TFIS has successfully deployed a social selling program for the company’s B2B business lines. The result of a strategic, pragmatic approach to social business – one that is designed to boost inbound marketing activity – the initiative showcases sales teams’ expertise and facilitates prospection.

How can companies take a pragmatic approach to social selling? Additionally, how can they involve management, marketing and sales teams? What sort of training should social sellers receive? Which types of content should they make available for users? Should social sellers also be involved in the creation of content? What role can gamification play in the initiative? Which KPIs should people follow? These are some of the questions we will answer in detail during this webinar.



Toshiba TFIS Social Selling Webinar, Practical Information:

When? Thursday March 16th, 11am CET (10am GMT)

Where? Online: sign up here

Please note that this webinar will take place in French.

Sign up for the webinar here.

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