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How CRITEO Used Employee Advocacy to Remain Agile & Pivot During a Period of Rapid Growth

One of the biggest challenges hypergrowth companies experience is remaining nimble and able to adapt, even in the face of rapid expansion and intense public attention.

CRITEO, a global leader in digital advertising, experienced this when new online regulations forced them to rethink their offerings and change how they communicated with potential and existing clients.

To Stay at the Top, Even Global Leaders Need to Sometimes Adapt.

The Challenges: Pivoting the Brand Messaging to Reflect a New Offering.

When new internet regulations changed the way that online advertisers could collect data, it posed a challenge for companies that relied on previous methods for their business models. Dubbed “The Cookie Crisis,” it caused many online advertisers to panic. But not CRITEO. They saw the challenge as an opportunity. They knew they needed to pivot and adapt to the changing circumstances. But how?


  • New online regulations made their traditional business model difficult to maintain.
  • The public had doubts and questions about how that would affect them.
  • Employees needed to be kept informed of the situation with honest, direct updates.

The Key Was to Expand Their Offerings and Reposition the Brand.

The Solutions: Using Their Own Workforce to Authentically Communicate the Message.

The best ambassadors for communicating the brand’s new offerings and positions, as it turns out, was the company’s own employees. CRITEO is in fact a perfect example of a fast-growing company that proved to be agile and direct during a time of uncertainty. They were able to pivot and move from a mono-product to a multi-product company, while successfully keeping their employees and the public in the loop about the transition via their Sociabble platform.


  • A global internal & employee communication Sociabble platform that allowed their CEO and top-level execs to communicate with the right information to all employees. This included the brand refresh, their new proposals, industry trends, changes in regional compliance, and much more.
  • Highlighting content that was “must-read” within the Sociabble newsfeed, in order to make sure that no one missed out on important information.
  • Creating dedicated channels such as “CriteoNews,” “Business & Market Trends,” and “House of Tech” to help employees address the situation, but also to empower them to become company advocates capable of resharing information within their networks.

The Results: An Intelligent Pivot Coupled with Informed Employees Turned a Potential Crisis into a Success.

By engaging employees via their new Sociabble communication platform, and by keeping them reassured and informed with frequent updates on designated channels, CRITEO was able to weather “The Cookie Crisis” and create an army of employee ambassadors in the process, ensuring that their transition was a success, and recognized as such by the public at large.

Following the launch of the program, 84% of its employee users began consuming news from the platform, and sharing it when appropriate across their social networks.

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