Employee Advocacy: An Authentic Alternative to High Media Investments

In a digital age, paid media is costly. With 96% distrust in ads, consider employee-driven brand amplification on a budget.

Webinar - Employee advocacy

Dentsu World Services & Sociabble

In an increasingly restricted and digitized environment, paid media may represent large investments for some companies. But when you realize that 96% of consumers don’t trust ads (source: Inc.), you could think back to find other alternatives.

How to do it with cutting budget? What if the company relied on its employees to amplify and humanize the brand’s presence?

Indeed, the Employee Advocacy could be identified as one of them because it can help your company in turning your employees in advocates of your brand.

These are all subjects on which Krusha Sahjwani, Regional Business Head of APAC, at Sociabble, and Shashikant Shimpi, Vice President & Country Head, at Dentsu World Services offer to shed some light.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • What is Employee Advocacy and how it has evolved towards more authenticity
  • Understand why employee advocacy is a potent investment for a company’s success.
  • How to create an organizational culture that inspires an authentic commitment to a brand’s vision.
  • How to empower employees to be future brand advocates.
  • The key factors to drive KPI
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