Webinar with Renault Group

Engaging Your Workforce and Magnifying Corporate Content with Employee Advocacy.

Webinar - Employee advocacy

Renault Group & Sociabble

Engaging Your Workforce and Magnifying Corporate Content

Since it first began manufacturing vehicles in France in 1899, Groupe Renault has been supplying the world with a full range of innovative automobiles, vans, and trucks.

Today, Groupe Renault is the ninth biggest automaker in the world by volume, with a total workforce of over 180,000 employees, spread out across 128 different countries.

Despite being a truly global brand, its headquarters are still located just outside Paris, in Boulogne-Billancourt, where the company first began making automobiles over a century ago.

Discover the incredible power of employee advocacy and how it can help with engaging your workforce and amplifying your corporate communication in our exclusive webinar with Groupe Renault.

Join us as we discuss the key highlights and lessons learned from their first Employee Advocacy pilot program.

Please Note: This webinar is in French. To read the full story in english, click here.

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