Sociabble Webinar with Toshiba: Social Selling, from Strategy to Implementation

Webinar with Toshiba

Social selling, from strategy to implementation

Over the course of a year, Toshiba TFIS has successfully deployed a social selling program for the company’s B2B business lines. The result of a strategic, pragmatic approach, the initiative showcases the sales teams’ expertise and facilitates prospecting.

How can companies take a pragmatic approach to social selling? How can they involve management, marketing, and sales teams? What sort of training should social sellers receive? Which types of content should be made available? During this webinar, we join Sonia Morand, Head of Marketing and Communication at Toshiba TFIS, to discuss how the company has engaged B2B sales teams in this social selling initiative.

Please note that this webinar is in French. For more details on the SNCF program, or for further information on employee advocacy and highlighting corporate communications in English, please contact us directly here.

"We were convinced that empowering employees as brand ambassadors was the right way for us to drive brand awareness and open up new business opportunities."
Sonia Morand
Marketing and Communication Manager
Toshiba TFIS

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