Sociabble is part of the Brainsonic group, which has over 13 years of experience in social media business and software development.Sociabble is a software company dedicated to delivering top of the line enterprise social media solutions for brand advocacy. Its technology platform is a software as service (SaaS) supported and developed by technical teams with over 20 years of experience in software application development. More information about Sociabble can be found below.

 With a strong commitment to engagement and adoption, Sociabble’s technology delivery is paired with experienced consultant support to address enterprise change management, digital transformation, technology adoption and other business-technology intersections. Sociabble is focused on pairing technology development with real business needs, investing in R&D as well as thought leadership to evolve and transform social media business for the enterprise.

 Launched in 2014 by team of experienced entrepreneurs in digital asset management technologies, social media, video production and web business, Sociabble has acquired some of the world’s most prestigious clients such as Microsoft, Sage and L’Oréal and PWC. Headquartered in Paris, France, the company has operations in New York City, and London, and is funded by some of the world’s leading institutional investment firms such as Ardian (formerly AXA Private Equity) and CM-CIC Capital Privé.

Ardian     cm-cic-capital

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