5 Great Reasons for Embracing Employee-Generated Content

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5 Great Reasons for Embracing Employee-Generated Content

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When it comes to your content production strategy, does the marketing team do all the work? If your answer to that question is yes, you may think that’s how it should be. However, learn about how employee-generated content can push you further.

While it’s the job of the marketing department to plan, execute and adapt content marketing activity, that doesn’t mean other departments can’t create great content of their own for internal and/or external use. In fact, involving employees from all areas of the company in content production is an incredibly beneficial move. Here are five reasons why it’s in your best interests to get all employees’ creative juices flowing.

1 – Opening Internal Communication with Employee-Generated Content

Content production across all departments creates content for internal use. By having employees publish content about their activity, you better enable individual business units to communicate with each other about what they’re up to.


2- Build Engagement

Encouraging employees to submit content makes them feel as if they have a voice. Employee generated content helps them contribute to the day to day information flow of your company, providing them with a sense of contribution and participation.

The next three points all concern employee advocacy – how encouraging employees to produce original content that is shared on social media benefits your organization by boosting brand image and trust among customers, prospects and job candidates.

3 – Closer Customers

Authenticity- Think about it – clients are more likely to stick with you if they feel informed about what is going on at the heart of the business.

4 – Keener Prospects

Online prospects respond best to communication that comes directly from your employees – specifically when talking about social selling. The more your employees share the more receptive are your online prospects.

5 – More Personal Recruitment

Highlighting employee testimonials provides insight into company dynamics. But, it’s also beneficial on an internal level. It allows you to invest in employees’ skills by encouraging them to share their experiences through content creation.

Whether you do so for internal communication, external initiatives or both, getting employees across the board involved in content production demands time and effort. But with so much to be gained, it’s an investment worth making.

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