Employee Advocacy: Power to the People

Employee Advocacy

Every Employee Is a Gateway into Your Company

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A recent article by Susanna Gebauer of The Social Ms argues that as a company, “your most valuable assets are: people”. At Sociabble we, too, believe that your people are your greatest asset; and that empowering those people as employee advocates will ready your company for the future of social business.

Every Employee Is a Gateway into Your Company

Key for companies, explains Susanna Gebauer, is being “human at every point of contact”. This is one of the primary benefits of employee advocacy. By empowering your employees not only to share company content, but to follow up with audiences that engage, you create additional points of contact with target audiences (clients, prospects, decision makers and job candidates); and put employees in a position to share their knowledge and expertise in order to engage those audiences.

Most importantly, these additional points of contact are human. The best employee advocates don’t just amplify brand messages; they put those messages into context, engage audiences through personal insights, and respond to any questions social media users have. They are frontline representatives of the brand; a gateway into the company.

Social Media Has Transformed Customer Experience – It’s Time to React

Social media users want to move seamlessly from one part of the customer journey to the next. From the moment of brand discovery to purchasing actions and subsequent customer service conversations, they expect interaction to be both tailored and personal. Having employee advocates who can help at each stage of this journey enables companies to achieve this. In a recent article we explore how streamlining customer experience begins by implementing a 360 employee experience.

Don’t Ignore Employee Advocacy

The importance of putting your people at the heart of brand communication is echoed in this article by Geoffrey Colon, Communications Designer at Microsoft. He says: “Your biggest influencers work right there in your company ranks and have the ability to be your biggest advocates […] Stop looking for the next shiny big thing and realize employees who are transparent, authentic, personal and love working for you should be social advocates beyond the walls of your offices ASAP”.



This point is echoed by Susanna Gebauer, who explains that “it is people who connect, people who speak for or against you; and it is people who decide to buy or not to buy your products”. Indeed, it’s time to put your people at the heart of your communication strategy. Read these case studies to find out how some of the world’s largest companies have done just that.

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