Enhanced Analytics for the Social Wall by Sociabble

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What is New For the Social Wall by Sociabble?

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Enhanced Analytics for the Social Wall by Sociabble

Administrators of the Social Wall have the ability to view statistics that go beyond the number of shares per social network. Authorized users can additionally view the number of clicks on links within posts.

This data, which is obtainable via Google Analytics, is available to Social Wall administrators. If required, companies may request that the statistics be made available via their existing Google Analytics account.

This is a significant development for companies that use the Social Wall, as it allows them to see not only how the tool boosts visibility on social networks, but also how it drives traffic to the content that is being shared – be it blog articles, video content or specific web pages.



About the Social Wall

The Social Wall is a public version of the Sociabble brand advocacy platform that aggregates brand content on a single interface and allows also all website visitors to share posts on any of their own social networks. Easily embedded and particularly suited to events; the Social Wall enables companies to boost content marketing by driving social media activity directly from brand websites.

Discover how Asus, L’Oréal and Microsoft have incorporated the Social Wall into their online communication strategies.

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