Neil Morgan, EVP Global Digital Marketing at Sage, on How to Build an Army of Social Advocates

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Neil Morgan Tells Us How to Build an Army of Social Advocates

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Ever wanted to transform your workforce into an organization of brand ambassadors? If so, check out the article Six ways to build an army of social advocates by Neil Morgan, EVP Global Digital Marketing at Sage. In it he explains why “social advocacy is a strong part of our plans to digitally transform Sage,” and notes that employee advocacy “helps show our customers and partners that we [Sage] know our stuff when it comes to the issues that mater to their business.”

Neil Morgan’s tips on transforming employees into social advocates include keeping it simple (Sage has launched a social media policy designed “to help everyone feel confident in sharing content”), leading from the top (Sage CEO Stephen Kelly was named by LinkedIn as one of the top UK profiles in tech in 2016), and “making Social social” (Sage holds a monthly Social Friday across the globe, as well as dedicating social selling days for teams in Europe).

#SociableDay: Employee Advocacy Goes Global at Sage

In the article Neil Morgan explains how Sage embarked upon a global employee advocacy initiative. It all began last year with #SociableDay. A company-wide event designed to “celebrate all things social and encourage everyone in the business to get involved. The event included more than 100 live training sessions and activities in 23 countries; as well as a series of roadshows that helped Sage employees discover how to use social media to support customers. “We treated it [#SociableDay] as a starting point from which we can go on to make social a part of the DNA of our business,” notes Neil Morgan.



Read the full case study on #SociableDay.

“This has tangible business value”

Neil Morgan also speaks about Sociabble, the employee advocacy platform chosen by Sage. “Using Sociabble,” he says, “Sage employees are already averaging 45 actions per active user – an average of 10MM total reach every month. It’s great for helping people find great content and get them to start sharing. We have had over 40,000 shares on the platform so far. This has tangible business value.”

Quoted in the article Marylin Montoya, Director of Marketing & Partnerships at Sociabble, adds: “This isn’t just about generating additional visibility, it’s about putting the focus on the expertise within the company, allowing individuals to shine, and humanizing the brand.”

Watch this video on Sage’s global deployment of employee advocacy.

Why Employee Advocacy Is Key to Social Selling Success at Sage

72% of B2B buyers research brands on social media before contacting them directly. This means that sales teams need to be active on social media, and engage in social selling. At Sage social selling is outperforming traditional sales methods; and the principal driver of sales teams’ success is an employee advocacy platform.


Watch the full video.

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