Projetlys launches Sociabble to boost Digital Strategy


Boosting digital strategy with Sociabble

Driving Digital Transformation and Amplifying Online Visibility

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Sociabble aggregates content onto themed channels, making it easy for Projetlys teams to access information that is relevant to them, and to share it on their own social media accounts directly from the platform. This has been particularly useful for sales teams and consultants, who have used content to engage in social selling and initiate conversations online.

“I’ve added to my favorites, so every day when I launch my browser I can access all the latest content, and stay up to date on technology and business news,” explains Myriam Despras, Account Manager at Projetlys.

Tailored training sessions were provided by social media and content marketing agency Brainsonic, enabling Projetlys teams to get the most out of the Sociabble platform, and to familiarize themselves with best practices in terms of digital communication.

As Sociabble is available in native app form for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Projetlys teams are able use the platform on the go, and fit the tool into their daily workflow. “I set aside 10 minutes every morning, so that while I’m having breakfast I can read and share the latest content on my mobile,” explains Patrice Noguero, Sales and Marketing Director at Projetlys.

The launch of Sociabble, together with Brainsonic support, has enabled Projetlys to lay the foundations of a digital strategy that is going from strength to strength.

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Case Study - Projetlys