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The Adecco France Group Launches an Employee Advocacy and Engagement Program

As the world’s leading recruitment firm, the Adecco France group is made up of 5 000 employees, 1 000 sites, 15 brands with individual websites, and 45 social media accounts.

So making it easy for employees to access the content that is pertinent to them, and helping them to make the most of social media as a business tool, was never going to be an easy task.

Nevertheless, it is one the group has achieved – by launching a strategic digital transformation initiative complete with social media training, executive impetus, and the Sociabble employee advocacy and engagement platform.

Case Study - Adecco
  • « Our employees can now see everything that’s going on throughout the group, and for those individuals who need to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and developments, the market watch channels on Sociabble have made their lives a lot easier».

    Nicolas Sutter
    Brand Content Manager
    Adecco France Group

    Streamlining Employee Advocacy, market intelligence and internal communications

    Having set in motion an ambitious digital transformation plan, the Adecco France group chose to implement the Sociabble employee advocacy and engagement platform. The Sociabble interface is made up of 14 channels that aggregate external communication feeds: one channel for each of the Adecco France brands, plus others that are organized according to key themes that tie in with the group’s activity, as well as digital trends. Users can subscribe to their channels of choice, and share posts on their own social media accounts at the click of a button.

    Sociabble Case study: AdeccoFrance Group

    Thanks to Sociabble, Adecco France Group employees have easy access to the content published on all 45 social media accounts of the group and its brands. In this way, Sociabble makes it easy for the Adecco France group to empower employees as brand advocates, and to generate additional visibility for the rich content being published on a daily basis.

    The Adecco France Group also uses Sociabble to help employees develop their personal branding on social media, by engaging in social selling and using pertinent content to engage clients and potential job candidates. This is made possible by market watch channels, which aggregate content that is submitted and shared by employees themselves.

    As Sociabble is available natively for Android and iOS, employees can access the platform wherever they are, on any device. Indeed, mobile is Adecco France Group employees’ preferred method of use.

    Sociabble Case study: AdeccoFrance Group


    Going transversal, Step by Step

    The deployment of a company-wide employee advocacy and engagement program requires a strategic launch plan, and the Adecco France group chose to roll out its initiative in stages. The group did not start from zero; a number of employees were already active sharers of company content on social media. These individuals were introduced to the Sociabble platform first, along with marketing and communication teams.

    The two groups were to become the program’s “super ambassadors”.The next crucial step was to onboard top management, which was achieved when Sociabble was introduced at the Adecco France group’s managerial convention. And finally, Christophe Catoir, President of the Adecco France group, presented Sociabble during his quarterly web conference with all employees. “Having the support of top management is essential to engaging employees in an advocacy program,” notes Sophie Ak Gazeau, Digital Director of the Adecco France Group.

    Sociabble Case study: AdeccoFrance Group


    User adoption and engagement

    When introducing Sociabble to employees, the Adecco France group focuses on the fun, simple and practical nature of the platform. The group organizes 30-minute webinars for new users, during which project leaders highlight the benefits of the tool and demonstrate how sharing pertinent content on social media has a positive impact on personal branding, and puts individuals in a better position to engage prospects, clients and job candidates.



    Capitalizing on existing communication initiatives

    In early 2016, the Adecco brand launched a new identity, giving the group the perfect opportunity to coordinate the launch of Sociabble with the re-branding of its flagship trademark.

    Content relating to the “new” Adecco was highlighted on the platform, and users awarded additional points for sharing these posts. Together with dedicated newsletters sent out by platform administrators, this gamification campaign helped the Adecco France group to generate a social media reach of over six million end users.



    Identifying ROI

    Since the inception of its employee advocacy and engagement program, the Adecco France group has received dedicated support from the Sociabble Customer Success team, who provide regular insights and advice on content strategy, platform structure and gamification campaigns. Customer Success support also includes the provision of monthly KPI Dashboards which, in addition to user engagement metrics and data concerning end-user audience activity, provide a direct comparison between the Sociabble platform and paid media alternatives. “As the leader in our sector we are very focused on concrete metrics,” notes Ak Gazeau. “So this is a great way of pinpointing the ROI of employee advocacy in relation to paid media.”

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