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Sociabble’s Top Employee Advocacy tips in B2B by Marketing Insider Group

Jean-Louis Benard, CEO, Sociabble
Jean-Louis Benard CEO

Marketing Insider Group recently published an article written by Sociabble CEO Jean-Louis Bénard, explaining the benefits of Employee Advocacy programs to strengthen B2B marketing campaigns and capture new prospects.

Marketing Insider Group: leader in content strategy

Marketing Insider Group has been recognized as a leader in content strategy that’ s consistent, impactful, and that encourages collaboration. It is for this reason that we are pleased to have our CEO, Jean-Louis Bénard, guest author an article regarding Employee Advocacy in B2B marketing.

Benefits of Employee Advocacy programs for B2B marketing campaigns

B2B Marketing has become increasingly difficult over the years, and even more so since the health crisis. Why? It’s often challenging to find the right audience, and connect with them in the right place at the right time.

The current digital environment coupled with Employee Advocacy initiatives have provided a framework for companies to create internal brand ambassadors who can communicate in an authentic voice.

The adoption of solutions outlined in the article to enrich and diversify your content offering can assist your sales teams at becoming stronger advocates for your brand.

Read the full article about 3 solutions for making B2B Marketing work with Employee Advocacy.

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