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Sociabble Releases Sociabble4Fans, an Engagement and Advocacy Platform for B2C and B2B Influencer Communities

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Communication Team Experts in Internal Communication

Sociabble, the leading provider of employee advocacy, social selling and employee engagement solutions, has released a new product for influencer and advocate communities: Sociabble4Fans, a UGC platform to engage your communities.

With a newly designed, highly visual interface, Sociabble4Fans enables companies to invite their top fans to join an online community. Here they can access the latest brand communication and share it on social media, submit their own content, and engage in gamification and e-learning initiatives in order to win badges and prizes.

Microsoft France is the first company to launch Sociabble4Fans. During the first week, the company recorded 10 000 fan registrations, 1 500 pieces of user-generated content, and a potential reach of 1 000 000 audience touchpoints on social media.

Sociabble Releases Sociabble4Fans, an Engagement and Advocacy Platform for B2C and B2B Influencer Communities

Sociabble4Fans organizes brand social media and RSS feeds, user-generated content (UGC), calls-to-action and quizzes onto themed channels. Users subscribe to selected channels and can share content on their social media accounts at the click of a button.

Much like the social networks with which users are already familiar, the platform offers a profile page, notifications panel, and real-time feed displaying the latest user activity. Request a demo of Sociabble4Fans.

Sociabble Releases Sociabble4Fans, an Engagement and Advocacy Platform for B2C and B2B Influencer Communities

Sociabble Releases Sociabble4Fans, an Engagement and Advocacy Platform for B2C and B2B Influencer Communities

UGC Platform to Create Additional Visibility, Unlock New Content and Drive Co-Creation

By giving their biggest fans exclusive access to the latest brand communication on a platform that enables them to share directly to social media, companies using Sociabble4Fans create additional visibility for the rich content that is produced on a daily basis.

They also tap into new sources of content. This is achieved by inviting users to submit product feedback and reviews, photos and videos. Once you validate it, all other users can share this content externally.

User-generated content (UGC) functionalities are also a powerful way of launching co-creation initiatives. Inviting fans to submit ideas for future products helps them play an active role in the evolution of the brand.

More than a UGC Platform: Gamification, Points, Campaigns, Challenges, and Badges

Sociabble4Fans users win points for engaging with content on the platform, creating posts of their own, and participating in quizzes and challenges.

Additionally, you can use campaigns to highlight specific content. You can pin your content to the top of the interface, and award users bonus points for engaging. Administrators reward badges for specific behavior, such as liking certain posts or achieving a target reach on social media.

They can consist of multiple stages, with users moving from one level to another as they achieve the necessary point threshold or carry out required actions on the platform.

In addition to those that are available by default on the Sociabble4Fans platform, company administrators can create new, badges. All badges are fully customizable for levels, required actions, names, descriptions, and icons.

Moreover, companies can choose to award prizes when users obtain specific badges. At any time, users can visit a page detailing the badges they have achieved, as well as remaining badges.

Driving E-Learning and Product Discovery through Quizzes

E-learning is a central element of the Sociabble4Fans platform. It enables brands to assess fans’ understanding of the products for which they advocate; and fill in gaps in their knowledge by highlighting educational content such as product tutorials. Multiple-choice quizzes allow companies to test users’ knowledge of products and related topics in a fun, visual way.

They are accessed via designated call-to-action tiles that trigger a pop-up window with pre-configured questions when clicked. The visual appearance of quiz windows can be customized using company colors.

Administrators can also include quiz hints in the form of links to content hosted on the platform itself, or elsewhere on the web. Platform administrators are also responsible for the points awarded for correct answers, the completion of quizzes, and quiz badges.

For example, Défi Wind launched Sociabble4Fans and Gathers 1 400 Windsurfers !

UGC platform: with Profile Pages, Dashboards, and Analytics

Sociabble4Fans users have access to a profile page containing their bio, latest activity, badge collection, points total, leaderboard position, and direct links to their social media accounts. While users can access each other’s profile pages, they are able to mask certain elements from view.

They can also track the engagement their sharing activity generates on social media; which you can do via a personal performance dashboard, complete with network-specific metrics. Company administrators of the Sociabble4Fans platform have access to a designated back office.

Through this back office, they can configure point attribution, badges, campaigns and quizzes, moderate user-generated content. Administrators can also view in-depth analytics regarding user activity, trending posts, and external engagement generated by content on social media.

All users can filter metrics by time, channel, and social network. Sociabble4Fans makes it easy for fans to engage with, learn more about and advocate for their favorite brands.

Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on peer-to-peer word of mouth via social media. Meanwhile, consumers are more expectant of a personalized, engaging customer experience. The platform is an extremely powerful tool that responds directly to these expectations, as well as brands’ needs.

The Availability of Sociabble4Fans Features on Existing Employee Advocacy, Social Selling, and Internal Communication Solutions

Together with badges, profile pages, and all other features, the quiz modules available on Sociabble4Fans will also be deployed on the employee advocacy, social selling and internal communication platforms offered by Sociabble. This will enable companies using all Sociabble solutions to drive e-learning among employee, influencer and partner communities.

Additionally, it will also boost user engagement through what is now an even wider range of gamification and return-use mechanisms. To find out more about Sociabble4Fans, ask for a free demo.

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