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Using Microsoft Teams for internal communications with Sociabble

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Microsoft Teams is already used by thousands of companies and millions of employees around the world for collaborative communication. And now, thanks to new Microsoft Teams integrations for internal communication offered by Sociabble, its capabilities can be expanded to enhance employee communication and engagement as well.

Over the course of the last year, Microsoft Teams has demonstrated its effectiveness as a collaboration tool for companies across the planet, enabling employees to work together on projects, even from remote locations. But coupled with this increased demand for a collaborative online work environment is a need to maintain, and even increase, employee information and engagement.

Essentially, keeping the workforce involved with the company’s daily affairs. And thanks to a new integration created by Sociabble, Microsoft Teams can be expanded to include enhanced employee communication and engagement features, ensuring that workers feel connected, aligned, and informed about company and sector news.

Microsoft Teams integrations for internal communication

Sociabble is an Employee Communication Platform Built on Microsoft Technology

When it comes to employee communication solutions, there are a number out there. But only Sociabble is built entirely on Microsoft Azure technology, which means it has the potential to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, bringing a host of Employee Communication, Employee Engagement, and Employee Advocacy features to the Microsoft platform.

In fact, Sociabble is a Microsoft Gold + Managed Certified Partner, with years of experience working within the Microsoft digital ecosystem. Rather than functioning as an unrelated add-on, the fact that the two solutions share the same fundamental architecture means that Sociabble is an organic fit—a feature that many clients and users of the platform have found beneficial. This is actually an “easy to use” feature of Microsoft Teams for internal communications.

According to Reena Wahi, Senior VP HR, CSR and Business Excellence at Tata Realty,

Sociabble’s integration with Microsoft Teams is helpful since it allows employees to easily keep track of the latest updates and announcements. It boosts employee awareness and engagement. The integration was easy and efficient.

Using Microsoft Teams for internal communications: a Crucial Tool in the Current Environment

Microsoft Teams has long been an extremely potent business collaboration tool—however, the events of the past year and the ongoing health crisis have proven just how critical it can be. Over the course of the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has enabled millions of employees around the world to collaborate on projects while working remotely, sharing information, editing documents, and approving projects.

Now, more than ever, a collaborative solution like Microsoft Teams is an absolute essential for succeeding in the current business environment, enabling both synchronous and asynchronous communication, and serving as a centralized, virtual hub for employees, regardless of where they are physically located.


Employee Engagement Brings a Whole New Dimension

While having a centralized digital collaboration space is key, ensuring engagement—that employees are active, involved, and interacting with important company news is equally important.

Being part of a successful digital office involves being familiar with company strategy, policies, and regulations. And given the context of the health crisis, keeping employees constantly informed of policy and safety updates isn’t just a good idea, it’s absolutely essential. The engagement element can add a whole new dimension to corporate and internal communications.

How to use Microsoft Teams for internal communications with Sociabble

As the leading Microsoft Azure-based Employee Communication, Employee Advocacy, and Employee Engagement platform, Sociabble brings its strengths to Microsoft Teams, to enhance features specifically designed to keep employees better-informed, more engaged, and more influential online.

“Sociabble has been a partner since day one of their company,” said Igor Urbina Sarasibar, WW ISV Program Manager for Business Apps and Teams at Microsoft.

Their integration extends Employee Communication and Employee Engagement capabilities to the Microsoft Teams experience. We’re pleased to see companies like Sociabble add value with integrated solutions, and empower employees in the process.


With Sociabble’s Microsoft Teams integrations for internal communication, employees can continue to use Microsoft Teams as they always have, but with new elements that ensure the right information is getting to the right employee at the right time. It helps employees to be better informed and engaged with company news, especially during a time when crisis communication and ensuring employees are up to speed on safety updates and policy changes is absolutely critical.

As far as the specific features that the Sociabble integration can bring to Microsoft Teams, they include:

  • Gamification features to encourage the sharing and creation of UGC (user generated content)
  • Polls & quizzes that can be created in just a few clicks
  • Targeted alerts and notifications with pinnable news to make sure important updates are read
  • Built-in CSR modules like Sociabble Trees and Support My Cause, which help involve employees in Corporate Social Responsibility, and provide meaningful rewards that help the planet
  • Advanced newsletter engine to make the creation of targeted, customizable newsletters simple
  • Equivalent Paid Media gauge to see marketing dollars saved for Employee Advocacy programs

Microsoft Teams integrations

The Sociabble integration brings enhanced employee communication features to the Microsoft Teams experience, with easy access embedded in the platform.

The Power of Sociabble’s Integration with Microsoft Teams

With the new integration from Sociabble, all these features are seamlessly incorporated into Microsoft Teams, with a UX that’s simple and intuitive.

The integration includes:

A main tab with all Sociabble features available with one click.

It’s an attractive addition, and a great way to showcase visual content; it’s a fully responsive interface, and targeted to the audience groups the employee belongs to. UGC creation and all gamification/rewards features are available from this starting point.

Every team has its own visual content channel with photos, videos, and other forms of relevant content.

Beyond the tab functionality, bots can post in real-time the right content to the right channel, as if an employee had done it manually.

It’s a great way to push company content based on the right criteria (source, keyword, etc.), but also to push third-party content curated on social networks or on the web out to relevant channels, which will trigger conversations on the competition, the market, innovations, etc.

In short, the Sociabble integration incorporates all the benefits of the Sociabble platform into Microsoft Teams, bringing information and engagement to every employee who uses it.

To learn more about using Microsoft Teams for internal communications with Sociabble’s new integration, you can sign up here for a free demo.