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The Best Communication Platform? Why Customers Ranked Sociabble as Leader on G2 Winter 2023 Report

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Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

Looking for the best communication platform to serve your company’s needs? Not sure where to begin? G2 is a peer-to-peer review site that gives honest, real-world feedback on what’s out there, and what works. And Sociabble is at the top of the list.

A common source of stress for many companies is not knowing where to turn when it comes to finding the ideal communication platform and services to suit their needs. There are many options, and many opinions, and everyone will tell you something slightly different.

But when it comes time to listen, it’s often a good idea to listen to the people whose opinion is most relevant: the clients and customers themselves. And one of the best places to do that? G2, a site dedicated to giving honest peer-to-peer feedback on business software performance. And in their latest 2023 Winter report, Sociabble was ranked as a leader in four separate categories.

Why G2 is a good resource for Employee Communication & Advocacy platform advice

For companies looking for an Employee Communication, Employee Advocacy, or even a Social Selling solution, finding reputable sources of advice can be challenging.

Of course, you can listen to the vendors themselves (you’re reading the blog of a vendor right now), but we would also suggest receiving feedback from real-world customers who have had experience with the software and platforms, and who can talk about their experience. This way, you can get a feel for the what the tool looks like in action and decide if it fits your needs.

Where’s the best place to do this? G2 is a peer-to-peer B2B software review site that offers direct, authentic feedback and reviews from real-world users. You’ll get it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly, and they’ll give you an honest appraisal of what works, and what doesn’t. G2 puts reviewers through an extensive validation process, and it asks detailed questions to get helpful answers.


How Sociabble was ranked leader in multiple categories

Sociabble is an Employee Communication, Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, and Brand Advocacy solution based around a platform backed up by expert support.

As a communication tool, it is enhanced push notifications, automated newsletters, embedded engagement levers, anonymous surveys, integration with your information system (API, Power Automate, and Zapier connector) and a full package of analytics features.

It’s designed to keep employees informed, engaged, and influential across the board, whether they work behind a desk, in the field, or on the frontlines.


But you don’t have to take our word for it. Sociabble was one of the only platforms ranked as a leader in all four categories by the G2 community.

🥇 Employee Communications

🥇 Employee Advocacy

🥇 Brand Advocacy

🥇 Employee Engagement

It is an honor to be recognized in such a way, and we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our many clients who shared their enthusiasm for Sociabble.


Here are some specifics of how Sociabble ranked

Ease of use: 9.3/10

This means high user adoption and engagement; the interface is user friendly, visually appealing, with an emphasis on visual and interactive content. Ensures that your employees are using your internal communication platform when they have a short break.

Most vendors try to replicate enterprise social network newsfeeds or intranet layouts—Sociabble does not, because the present and the future is photo and video centric, not text newsfeeds.

Ease of doing business with: 9.4/10, Quality of support: 9.5/10

This indicates clear governance for your initiative, and long-term client support throughout the life of your project. Sociabble is there with you during the launch and hypercare phase, to the “Business-as-Usual” run mode of your program, to make sure it continues to grow.

When it comes to the availability of our customer support, we have support teams in America, Europe, and APAC, to make sure your global project’s needs are covered.

Product direction: 9.4/10

At Sociabble, we invest in our product. Thanks to our dedicated CSMs, you always have an access point to our roadmap; we listen to client feedback, take it into consideration when developing the product—which means we have a product that fits the market needs first and foremost!

We communicate about our roadmap regularly and are extremely reactive and agile when it comes to addressing your essential needs. Every feature and part of the Sociabble platform is top notch, i.e. our advanced newsletter engine, sophisticated survey module, etc.


But the real difference? Sociabble’s customer support.

High-tech, cutting edge platforms can make a difference. But communication success is about more than software or technology. There’s a human element as well.

And at Sociabble, our solution includes training seminars, a complete methodology for success, IT support, and dedicated CSM teams that are there when you need them, to address any problem or question that might come up. We pride ourselves on customer success, and our support staff are what truly makes the difference.

And the client reviews on G2 reflect this. We are extra proud to have received the “Best Relationship” award, AND the “Users Most Likely to Recommend” award, an achievement driven by overall customer satisfaction.

As our clients know, it’s our human commitment to a successful digital transformation project that makes our product stand out.

Highlights of our customer support include:

  • Sociabble methodology

A proven track record of more than 300 platform launches via Sociabble’s Steps-2-Success launch methodology. It’s based on over 9 years of deploying complex & large-scale projects in over 180 different countries, with market leaders such as Coca-Cola European Partners, L’Occitane, Microsoft, AT&T, McDonald’s, etc.

  • In-house consulting and implementation

This guarantees responsiveness, adaptability, and expertise beyond anything a third party could offer.

  • Sociabble’s agile internal operating model

This allows for information to flow extremely quickly between technical and nontechnical teams. We’re constantly consolidating and sharing the best practices of hundreds of clients, regarding content strategy, gamification strategy, governance, analytics benchmarking, and much more. We’re here to make your project successful with highly committed people.

  • Regular webinars for clients

This allows the clients to exchange directly with the CEO, discover the Sociabble product roadmap, and get regular updates of the new features and highlights.

  • Our champion community of SB Heroes

All Sociabble client administrators have access to the SB Heroes platform, where they can share and access best practices, ready-to-use content, market insights, new feature announcements, etc.

  • Guided tours of the platform..

..and access to Sociabble’s Knowledgebase and FAQs, which is a “self-service” database of information to answer pressing questions in a timely manner.


Want to learn more about Sociabble? We’re happy to chat.

If your company is looking for a new Employee Communication, Employee Advocacy, Social Selling, or Employee Engagement platform, Sociabble might be the perfect solution—the best communication platform for your company.

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