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Enterprise Chat: Sociabble, A Game-Changer in Employee Communication

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At Sociabble, we’ve always worked closely with our clients, and listened to their needs, to ensure that our platform has the features and functions they require to achieve success in Employee Communication and Employee Advocacy. Enterprise chat is one of the key features to achieve their goals.

And over the last two years, one request that has popped up on multiple wish lists has been an effective chat feature. Many of these clients—especially those with frontline workers in factories or shops—have struggled to find an ideal solution that felt both professional and secure, relying instead on B2C chat systems like WhatsApp for direct communication.

And the recent health crisis has only increased the need for employees to enable instant chat, complete with mobile notifications to keep employees in the loop on important news.  Which ultimately is why we here at Sociabble are proud to announce a new enterprise chat feature, to address these client needs. 

Sociabble Chat: The Best Enterprise Chat on the Market as the Objective

We’ve been developing our new chat feature for the last 2 years, with the goal of creating the best chat option available for employee communication platforms. These are the elements we tried to keep in mind: 

The Best UX for enterprise chat

The user experience is crucial for an effective chat engine. It needs to be intuitive and easy to use, so that employees will instantly reach for it when they need to share or receive information. We benchmarked the current chat systems in use, and we built our own based on that, to create the best on the market. The Sociabble Chat supports emojis, reactions and likes to individual messages, reply to specific messages, the ability to tag colleagues, mobile push notifications, group creation with name and photo personalization, gifs, etc. 

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With Sociabble Chat, users can take avantage of a superior messaging UX to open conversations by audience, start a new chat from where it makes the most sense, or even start a chat from the directory.

Security and Privacy a major topic for enterprise chat

Many of our clients, especially in the financial and insurance sectors, must comply with extremely high standards when it comes to security and data privacy. We designed our chat feature to accommodate these needs and conform to the highest standards in place. Sociabble allows end-to-end encryption for one-to-one conversation. 

Streamlined Communication 

We wanted to bring more value than just another chat function, especially in the context of a company wanting to streamline top-down and bottom-up communication. We designed our chat feature to enhance the communication needs of a company, rather than simply accommodate them at the most basic level.  This is how the new chat feature came to life, thanks to the hard work and incredible innovation of our Sociabble development team. And we’re thrilled to be rolling out these new functions to all our customers during the next few months.

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What Sociabble Enterprise Chat Provides 

When designing Sociabble Chat, we kept all of the above in mind to create a chat engine that provides easy, seamless, and effective communication for employees. This is what Sociabble Chat provides: 

A Voice for All Employees 

Our chat feature allows employees to start a quick conversation about any topic they’d like to discuss with their colleagues. It helps keep frontline workers, who often don’t have access to the company’s traditional collaboration tools like email servers, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc., to be part of the daily conversation and stay connected to and interact with their colleagues. 

A Chance to Start a Conversation Where it Makes Sense 

Employees may want to start a chat from a directory search, from a piece of content that’s been shared by the company, or from UGC posted by a colleague. This is why we decided not to build a separate mobile app, but to integrate the chat into the existing Sociabble app. This accommodates scenarios where an employee might want to immediately start a chat without switching to a separate app removed from the original context.

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Highest Levels of Security 

When designing Sociabble Chat, we decided to implement end-to-end encryption for one-on-one conversation as a standard first offer, and down the line for up to 50-user group conversations, going further than other platforms that don’t offer encryption, like Slack or Microsoft Teams. This additional level of security is ideal for clients that must maintain high levels of data privacy. 

Audience-Based Chat – Chat Rooms

Sociabble has one of the strongest Audience Builders on the market, with the ability to define a very targeted audience that can be applied to a specific channel, post, newsletter, and more. We’ve extended this capability to chat, with the power to set up chats with sophisticated audience criteria, something that’s mandatory in large organizations with multiple subs, countries, regions, etc.  Take the example of a global retailer, who wants to have a chat room for every store. Predefined rooms can be setup for every store, only accessible to employees working there. Employees can communicate and send real-time messages on topics related to their everyday activity (new guidelines, shifts, etc.).

Professional Chat App

Works with Live Streaming Events 

All the features of Sociabble Chat will also be available for live events and broadcasts that can already be run on the Sociabble platform. The live video and audio broadcasts will be augmented by live chat conversations as part of the experience. Discover our video capabilities!

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