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Sociabble strengthens its leadership with the acquisition of SociallyMap and SociallyUp

Jean-Louis Benard, CEO, Sociabble
Jean-Louis Benard CEO

Sociabble, leader in the employee advocacy and social selling market, has just acquired Alhena, the SaaS vendor that created the SociallyMap and SociallyUp solutions.

Tasks automation : What is SociallyMap ?

Founded in 2014, Alhena raised nearly €1.2 million in 2016 and quickly established itself as one of the key players in the fields of employee advocacy and content automation, thanks to its two products, SociallyMap and SociallyUp. Florent Hernandez, founder of Alhena, explains:

By joining forces with Sociabble, we will enable all our clients to extend the range of possibilities. Sociabble is an obvious partner, both because of its position as a leader and because of our shared vision of business.

SociallyMap will complement the Sociabble platform by extending the possibilities of aggregating and orchestrating content flows.

With SociallyMap it will be possible, for example, to automate the publication of social media posts on all the company pages of an agent network, according to predefined rules and based on multiple sources. SociallyMap’s ‘mapping’ makes it possible to visually construct the aggregation and distribution of content, whether for internal communication or employee advocacy, and thus automate tedious tasksJean-Louis Bénard, CEO of Sociabble

With this acquisition, Sociabble strengthens its portfolio with clients such as Orange, Yves Rocher, La Française des Jeux, Les Echos Publishing.  These clients will now have access to a broader range of services in the areas of advocacy and social selling, but also employee communication and employee engagement.

Sociabble, leader in Employee Communication

Since its creation 8 years ago, Sociabble has experienced strong organic growth and has established itself as a leader in Employee Communication, Employee Engagement and Employee Advocacy, thanks to large-scale deployments for clients such as Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Primark and Generali.

With more than 80 employees based in its offices in Europe, the United States and Asia, Sociabble has more than doubled its bookings in 2021 and expects sustained growth in the years to come, while maintaining a profitability dynamic that is exceptional in its market.

We are now entering a new phase in Sociabble’s growth, which combines organic and external growth. We are looking for players who want to join forces with us and share the bootstrap spirit that drives us, as opposed to the excesses of loss-making hyper-growthJean-Louis Bénard, CEO of Sociabble

More about Alhena Group

About Alhena Group Alhena Group is made up of Alhena Agency (a digital agency for website creation and web marketing), SociallyUp (an employee advocacy platform) and SociallyMap (a content automation platform).  

About Sociabble Sociabble is a SAAS solution dedicated to internal communication, employees engagement and employee advocacy. Sociabble is currently used in more than 180 countries by clients such as Accor, Primark, Mars and Renault Group.

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