Optimize Sharing with Sociabble’s Daily Limits Option

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Optimize Sharing with Sociabble’s Daily Limits Option

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Sociabble is a platform that facilitates the sharing of social media content in order to enhance brand exposure and amplify online reach.  An essential part of this is encouraging users to share the right content at the optimal time; which is why companies now have the option of placing limits on users’ daily actions in order to optimize sharing.


Daily Limits Option to Optimize Sharing

By limiting the number of daily shares on each social network, companies maximize the value of their messages and promote effective sharing.  Setting limits also reduces the risk of ‘compulsive sharing’: users who share anything and everything.

sociabble sharing limits

When the sharing limit for an individual network is reached, users are informed by a popup on their screen.  This popup praises them for their activity on Sociabble and reminds them of the sharing limits for each social network.

Companies can also opt for the ‘unlimited sharing’ option, or simply limit the number of shares for specific social networks.

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