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Corporate Social Responsibility: Support My Cause Makes it Simple

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With the recent increase in remote work, and with alignment a challenge in Employee Communication, employees are looking to work for companies that promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Sociabble’s new Support My Cause tool feature makes it easy for companies to give each employee a voice and a sense of purpose through CSR projects, and help the planet in the process.

It’s no secret that the way people work has been changing because of the challenges of the past year. With a huge percentage of the workforce now working remotely, and with employees dispersed and at times disconnected, people are looking for a common sense of purpose. They want to feel like their work makes a difference, and that their company shares similar values.

Which is why at Sociabble, we’re proud to introduce our new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) feature, “Support My Cause.” It makes social responsibility initiatives simple, and puts them in the hands of employees.

CSR tool: Affect Employees

We all know that the recent health crisis has caused a dramatic increase in the number of employees who work from home. And this situation can be difficult for employees on an individual basis. Communication isn’t always clear and aligned, they feel disconnected from their teams.

They want to find meaning in their work during a difficult period, to feel that they’re part of something bigger, that makes the world a better place. A sense of working toward a common good, you could say. One result has been a renewed desire among many employees to participate directly in CSR projects. This is especially true among younger professionals.

According to a recent study, 86% of millennials would consider taking a pay cut to work for companies that share their values; 81% of companies anticipate a rise in employee activism as a result. And values are becoming a significant trigger for employee activism. In short, companies understand that it’s time to care about their purpose, the planet, and their CSR investment.

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Despite the Desire for CSR, there are Challenges

The awareness and will to promote worthy social causes may be there, however there are obstacles that prevent many companies from putting CSR plans into action. There are a variety of reasons, but the most prominent include:

✓ CSR initiatives are disconnected from employees’ local realities

They do not reflect concerns and tangible issues that employees encounter every day in their cities and communities. 82% of key influencers of CSR decisions are the C-suite and board of directors.

✓ CSR teams are stretched thin

They handle many different projects at the same time while competing for internal resources.

✓ CSR investments lack internal visibility and transparency

The benchmark and selection process is opaque to the employees, who feel disconnected from the decisions.

✓ CSR communication shortfalls

Employees want to share their company’s CSR initiatives, but they often don’t have the necessary information to talk about it with confidence on their networks.

But with the CSR tool feature Support My Cause, CSR initiatives are easier than ever

At Sociabble, we’ve been listening to our clients and their employees, and to address this growing need, we’re proud to announce the release of Support My Cause, a module fully integrated into your company’s communication platform.

Support My Cause allows companies to run campaigns to gather CSR ideas from employees, incentivize employee participation, and select CSR projects employees are excited about.

In fact, Support My Cause has already been successfully used by a global leader in bottling to engage its 23,000 employees with its CSR activities. And now, we’re thrilled to make this feature available to all of our clients.

Support My Cause is effective because of some impressive features

Support My Cause makes it simple for employees to propose ideas, vote for a winner, and get involved. Exactly what we expect from the perfect CSR tool.

It makes the entire process transparent, and gives employees a real voice in the process of getting CSR initiatives off the ground, by allowing companies to:

  • Operate a bottom-up, inclusive CSR strategy.
  • Address local issues faced by different communities.
  • Empower employees and democratize how companies select CSR projects.
  • Transparent voting.
  • Enable employees to give visibility to CSR projects through advocacy.

corporate social responsibility

Sociabble’s new “Support My Cause” feature gives employees the chance to proprose the CSR projects they care about.

Support My Cause is a CSR tool feature for All Companies

At Sociabble, we have years of experience working with large, complex, global companies and we understand their needs. Support My Cause is tailored to these kinds of organizations.

With the Support My Cause module, companies can:

  • Reach the entire workforce with one platform
  • Manage the CSR project selection across a multi-country organization.
  • Run multiple projects tailored to different audiences at the same time
  • Automate and scale sourcing and selection processes

Furthermore, companies will benefit from the whole Sociabble communication framework. This includes notifications, newsletters, gamification, audience segmentation, content pinning, etc., all organized by Support My Cause plus the advocacy of CSR projects. 

And when it comes to support, our CSMs will be by your side very step of the way, making sure your projects are a success. We have experience and expertise in multi-country workflow, and we can guide you through the launch and roll out of Support My Cause projects.

In fact, beyond consulting, you even have the option to have the entire project managed by a Sociabble team, if you desire.

corporate social responsibility

With Support My Cause, after proposing CSR projects, employees can vote to choose their favorites.

Learn more about how Support My Cause can help your company with CSR initiatives

Sociabble offers Support My Cause, but the Sociabble platform itself is a total Employee Communication solution, a platform that even includes Employee Advocacy and Social Selling capabilities.

Over the years, we’ve worked with companies in over 80 countries around the world, on hundreds of communication projects, including industry leaders like Coca-Cola European Partners, Vinci, and L’Occitane.

If you’d like to learn how we can help your company achieve its goals, either in regards to Support My Cause or Employee Communication in general, just click here for a free demo.