Should Social Sellers Create Their Own Content?

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Should Social Sellers Create Their Own Content or Not? Learn More Here

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In a recent blog article, Jack Kosakowski outlines three reasons for encouraging sales teams to write content. Now, sales professionals being busy bees, you might wonder whether they have time to spend on content creation. Isn’t that the job of marketing teams? Primarily, yes. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t strong arguments in favor of sales teams getting in on the action too…

Marketing and Sales: Please Mind the Gap

Sales and marketing teams must work in tandem to create and curate content that resonates with target audiences. And as it is sales teams who are regularly in contact with clients and prospects, their giving feedback to marketing teams is an essential aspect of this process. However, content creation needn’t be the job of marketers alone; sales teams, too, can make valuable contributions (perhaps in the form of guest blog posts or short video interviews) that enhance ongoing content marketing activity.

The benefits of encouraging sales teams to produce their own content are twofold. Firstly, it enables individual social sellers to draw attention to their experience and insights. Thus developing their e-reputation through thought leadership. A sales professional who shares pertinent content is great; but a sales professional who shares and writes pertinent content is even better. Secondly, it reflects well on the company as a whole, as user-generated content showcases the expertise within the organization.

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I Write, Therefore I Think

In order to produce good written content, you must first analyze problems, develop ideas and articulate processes. For sales teams in particular, writing is therefore an effective way of reflecting on experienceswith prospects – both good and bad – , as well as customer relationship management. Beyond providing value to external audiences, the content sales teams produce can also help them to reflect on and improve their own work.



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The Importance of Leadership

It’s worth noting that in the title of his article, Jack Kosakowski refers directly to executive management. Indeed, if sales teams are to set aside time for content production, those at a management level need to send the message not only that this is ok; but that it’s actively encouraged.

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While content creation will continue to be the responsibility of marketing teams, this doesn’t mean other departments can’t play a role. This article published on LinkedIn explores how we are experiencing a form of “uberization of communication in the enterprise”, with individuals having the opportunity to make contributions they would not have been previously enabled to do. The involvement of sales teams in content production is a key example of this and, though not a priority for every company, is something all should consider moving forward.

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