Twitter Celebrates the First #EducationDay

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Twitter Celebrates the First #EducationDay

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Today learning lovers everywhere are participating in #EducationDay, the first European Twitter initiative designed to unite the educational community in an international conversation. It celebrates learning and highlights how people can use Twitter to research, find inspiration, and also inform.

What is #EducationDay ?

In a blog post, Twitter explains how #EducationDay is “a great opportunity to connect schools, colleges, universities, students, teachers and other educational organisations in a new way.” The initiative will include discussions about how Twitter can be used in classrooms and lecture theatres, teacher-led Q&A sessions during which tips, and advice are given in tweet format; as well as a series of announcements about upcoming events for students.



#EducationDay is generating a wealth of insightful content and conversations; and is engaging learners of all ages in an innovative, interactive event. Most notably, it is serving as further evidence of how new technology is unlocking exciting opportunities within the education sector; as well as all other industries.

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