Why Video Consumption Isn’t what It Used to Be

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Why Video Consumption Isn’t what It Used to Be

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This month, Twitter conducted research into how users consume video content on the platform. The results provide some interesting insights into not only the number of users who view videos, but why they do so.

What Sort of Video Content Do Users View on Twitter?

Since the introduction of native video, Twitter users’ consumption of video content has really taken off; 82 percent of users now watch videos on the platform. However, while YouTube remains the go-to platform for users searching for specific videos (63 percent of users know what they’re looking for); Twitter appears to be the land of discovery.

Only 11 percent of Twitter users search the platform for specific videos; while 41 percent think the platform is a great place for discovering new ones. But what companies should really take note of is this; of the users surveyed, 37 percent said they would like to see more video content from brands.



Why Embrace Video on Social Media?

As well as generating high levels of engagement, videos enable you to deliver large amounts of information in a quick, dynamic and digestible way. They also give your brand a (or indeed many) human face; meaning audiences are more likely to trust and engage with the information being presented.

Video content shouldn’t always be product-focused. On the contrary, given its entertainment value and informative potential; it should be leveraged to explore industry insights, customer experience, and company culture. So why not organize interviews with thought leaders? Or launch a campaign whereby customers can submit their own video testimonials or run a series of employee-focused videos as part of your online recruitment strategy?

Not too long ago people were still making home videos about their favorite people, places and experiences, watching them on TV with close family and friends. But now, videos can be uploaded to social networks and shared instantly with a much wider audience; one that includes fellow consumers as well as brands themselves. Video is therefore an incredibly effective way of showcasing your brand through the eyes of those who know it; in order to engage with new audiences. So if video still isn’t part of your social media strategy, it should be.

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