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Boosting the visibility of brand content
and driving internal communication with a Social Wall

Using a Social Wall to Boost the Visibility of Brand Content and Drive Internal Communication

case study - allianz social wall sociabble
"The Social Wall is part of internal digital transformation at Allianz France. Together with new, dynamic workspaces, it is driving new work practices."
Emilie Netter
Head of Corporate Communication
Allianz France

A leader in its sector on social networks, Allianz France wanted to generate even greater visibility for the rich content it publishes across social networks. This has been achieved thanks to the Social Wall by Sociabble, which aggregates all of the company’s social media content on a single, self-refreshing interface, and is visible to both employees and visitors when they arrive at the main Allianz France office. “We’re proud of everything we do, so we’re extremely happy to show off our content,” explains Emilie Netter, Head of Corporate Communication.

One of Allianz France’s objectives was to boost internal communication, by giving employees easy access to company news, activity, and external publications. Thanks to the Social Wall, which is displayed on a 90” screen at the entrance of the company’s main office, employees are able to view the latest content on a daily basis. “So far we’ve had very positive feedback from all employees,” notes Charlotte d’Halluin, in charge of Digital and Market Management.


case study - allianz social wall sociabble

Allianz France also wanted to draw attention to event-related content, and as such to boost employees’ awareness of events that are organized by the company, but that take place in various locations. For example, during the recent “Innovathon”, an event designed to drive internal innovation, the Social Wall was used to aggregate all content containing the hashtag #innovallianz. “This enabled all employees to see exactly what was going on throughout the event,” explains Emilie Netter.

An example of the company’s modernity, the Social Wall is part of Allianz France’s ongoing digital transformation. Other initiatives include the “Digital Showroom”: a collaborative workspace equipped with innovative resources, including connected objects, a 3D printer and an interactive screen. As Emilie Netter explains, the Social Wall is therefore “part of internal digital transformation at Allianz France. Together with new, dynamic workspaces, it is driving new work practices”.

By aggregating and displaying all brand social media content in real time, the Social Wall at the entrance of Allianz France’s main office has had a significant impact on employees’ awareness of company communication and events. Moving forward, the company aims to build on the success of the Social Wall by displaying it on more screens at La Defense, as well as in other Allianz France offices, in order to offer the same level of visibility to all employees.

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