Groupama Transforms Employees and Stakeholders into Brand Advocates with Sociabble

Transforming employees and stakeholders
into brand advocates with Sociabble

Creating Brand Advocates Together with Sociabble

Aware of the importance of social media, Groupama wanted to boost the impact of digital communication by engaging employees and enabling them to develop on social media.

“Groupama wanted to engage employees on social media and, in the near future, stakeholders. As a mutualist group, we are by our very nature a social network. For us, it was a question of transferring these connections to the digital sphere and inviting employees and stakeholders to become brand advocates,” explains Antoine Stattner, Head of the Digital Department at the Groupama Group’s Communications Direction.

This is why the company chose Sociabble, a brand advocacy platform available to Groupama employees and stakeholders, with a highly visual interface that aggregates all external company publications (blogs, sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.). This self-refreshing interface allows members to share posts with friends, family and followers on their own social networks at the click of a button, thus amplifying the reach of company content.

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Transforming Employees and Stakeholders into Brand Advocates

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On the Sociabble brand advocacy platform, Groupama engaged several hundred employees and stakeholders, making it easy for them to share company content. Using the platform’s multiple network functionality, Groupama created a Sociabble network for employees and another for stakeholders, pre-selected external users.

When registering, new users were invited to select their region. This gave them automatic access to the personalized content channel for that region, though they also had the option of viewing and sharing all Groupama content on a global channel.

Case Study - Groupa Brand Advocacy platform Antoine Stattner
"We were looking for a content aggregation platform that offered a personalized advocate experience. We have found that in Sociabble, using a single tool to create two distinct sharing communities and tailor content to users according to their location."
Antoine Stattner
Head of the Digital Department at the Groupama Group’s Communications Direction

Engaging Two Separate yet Synchronized Communities

Groupama wanted to provide tailored content for each of its advocate communities, based on specific marketing needs and objectives that relate to the global brand communication strategy. Sociabble responds perfectly to these needs, enabling the company to animate both networks in a different yet coordinated way and boost advocate engagement through gamification campaigns.In order to optimize advocates’ sharing activity on Sociabble, Groupama uses the platform’s advanced analytics to identify top advocates on each social network, as well as members who require specific guidance.

Launching Sociabble has enabled Groupama to engage and coordinate internal and external brand advocates online, in order to amplify the reach of brand communication on social media. The insurance group has achieved its objectives thanks to regular and highly targeted gamification campaigns, as well as the analysis of pertinent data regarding the engagement rates of both advocate communities.

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