Webinar - Employee Engagement

From Good Intentions to Action

Gallup studies in recent years show that in Europe (France included) no more than 10% of employees are engaged at their company.

Collaborative engagement is the new drama that’s shaking up the management committees of such corporations. It’s nice to say that putting “the human at the center” is good, but actually taking action is even better.

In this webinar, Jean-Louis Bénard, the founder and CEO of Sociabble, who has worked with more than 200 large companies around the world on these very topics, will discuss:

  • What is Collaborative Engagement?
  • How do we recognize a committed employee?
  • What are the real and measurable benefits of having committed employees?
  • Why don’t companies invest the necessary resources?
    What are the steps needed to re-engage employees?
  • Which populations should be given the highest priority?
  • Real Life Stories: How big companies in France and around the world have taken the initiative to move from good intentions to action.
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