The 10 Key Features of an Effective Internal Communication Solution

98% use social media, 71% on mobile. New info sharing. Join us to stay ahead!

Webinar - Internal communications

98% of employees currently use at least one social media site for personal use, of which 50% are already posting about their company.

And 71% of employees spend over 2 hours a week accessing company information on mobile devices.

This is the new way employees receive and share information.

While employees have completely shifted to a new way of accessing information via mobile, videos, and social networks, many corporate internal communication programs have not yet fully adopted this new technology.

Internal communication platforms are now competing against “attention economy” professionals, using some of the most advanced neuroscience techniques.

Discover these challenges as well as the best practices that Sociabble has implemented in over 250 communication initiatives.

Please note that this webinar is in French. For more information on employee advocacy and highlighting corporate communications in English, please contact us directly here.

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