Employee Communication ~ 1 min

Get informed & influential employees on Teams & Yammer

Explores how companies that use Microsoft Teams and Yammer can easily leverage external content.
Table of Contents
  1. What is an informed employee?
  2. Why are they so important?
  3. What does communication within a company look like?
  4. How to manage the different levels of communication?
  5. Sociabble bots for office 365 make it happen

When employees are well-informed and influential within their online ecosystem and their industry, it creates a relationship that is mutually beneficial for both them and their company alike. To help employees become informed and influential, however, is easier said than done. Microsoft Teams and Yammer have already been deployed all over the world, and they have a large share of the global market. They’ve been utilized effectively at both the Team and the Departmental/Global level, respectively. Their strength, when it comes to this online corporate environment, is internal collaboration, with less of a focus on employee communication, especially when it comes to the external digital world beyond the company. With the new Sociabble integration for Microsoft Teams and Yammer, however, companies can bridge that gap, and help their employees become engaged, informed, and influential within their total online ecosystem.

What is an informed employee?
It’s an employee who is aware of what’s going on within their company and their industry. It’s someone who reads, digests, and interacts with information that is supplied by the various corporate channels.

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