Social Selling ~ 2 min

Social selling made simple: the step-by-step guide to online success

Sociabble simplifies Social Selling with proven strategies and cutting-edge tools for success.
Table of Contents
  1. So, exactly what is social selling?
  2. What are the benefits of social selling in today’s online world?
  3. How to create a social selling strategy?
  4. Content is king for building relationships with customers.
  5. Why do some social selling programs fail? Common mistakes to avoid.
  6. Find the best social selling platform for your company.
  7. Conclusion: social selling is always evolving. But it does work.

Social Selling doesn’t have to be hard. At Sociabble, we know this from experience.By this point, most companies know what Social Selling is. They know that it’s important, and they know it can make a difference. But the question we receive time and time again is—How can I make it work? How can a company help its employees to build effective social profiles, gain recognition as Thought Leaders, and generate leads that turn into sales?

At Sociabble, we’ve supported hundreds of clients with Employee Advocacy and Social Selling over the past five years, including one of the most ambitious programs with Microsoft, an initiative that included over 15,000 employees. We know what works from first-hand experience. Our cutting-edge platform comes with features like lead-tracking, gamification, and equivalent paid media, and it’s backed up by an expert consulting team as well as social media coaches and trainers. In fact, we’ve been declared a leader in Social Selling by G2 and Forrester alike.

The purpose of this guide is to share the best practices we’ve learned from working with our clients, so that you can create a successful Social Selling program at your company. And if you’re interested in partnering with us like so many other industry leaders have, we’d love to get in touch. Best of luck, and as we like to say here at Sociabble, don’t be afraid to share what you love! 


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