Employee Communication ~ 2 min

Employee communications: the missing link in your strategy

Evolve your employee communication strategy successfully.
Table of Contents
  1. Employee communications: the evolving struggle
  2. How to capitalize on the tools you already have
  3. Tips for promoting top-level adoption
  4. Ways to encourage employee engagement
  5. New methods for diversifying your content mix
  6. The benefits of becoming mobile-friendly
  7. Reaching disconnected employees
  8. The crucial role of gamification

1.Employee communications: the evolving struggle.

Did you know that employees who feel their voice is heard at work are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work?

Engaged, informed employees are a company’s best asset. They’re the heart and soul of your organization. But how can you get—and keep—their attention in an age when most people want to spend their few minutes of free time online on
anything but work? Simple. Our thinking about employee communications has to evolve.

The value of informed employees cannot be overstated. They’re connected to company and industry news, they’re skilled at inding and processing information, and they understand both their role and their value within the company and its strategy for the future.

And regardless if it’s explaining an upcoming merger to assuage any uncertainty, connecting ofices separated by continents and seas, or just connecting employees from different levels and departments for an upcoming campaign, the right communications strategy can help things run smoothly and keep employees up to speed on everything they need to know to perform their given tasks.

Essentially, an informed employee is an engaged employee, one who is more closely involved with company developments, more dedicated, more loyal, more productive, and more closely aligned with your overall strategy.

Too much information, too little time.

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