The Secret of Hypergrowth Champions

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Most of the challenges faced by hypergrowth companies, both external and internal, have a common element. Your employees, your people, they’re all right at the heart of the solution. The case studies we have gathered here are a good illustration of how you can unleash the potential of your employees to successfully tackle these challenges.

What you will learn:
✔ Raising brand awareness in new markets
✔ Keeping global and local teams aligned
✔ Turning your sales teams into online experts
✔ Getting your message straight for a blockbuster IPO
✔ Explaining new positioning, mergers & acquisitions to employees & markets

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How can you make your online presence grow into something significant?

1. Enhance Employee Communication
In today’s digital age, internal communication goes way beyond collaboration, especially for a company that’s experiencing rapid growth. Develop a dynamic, constantly evolving process built around the effective sharing of information, whether on-site or remote, whether at a local or global level.
2. Boost Employer Branding and Attract Top Talent
Take your employer branding one step further. Whether unveiling a refreshed brand to amplify awareness or getting the company vision, culture, and values to attract the right talent. Tap into the power of your employees’ enthusiasm and expertise to enhance your efforts, reach, and engagement.
3. Reinforce Employee Advocacy and Social Selling
Whether it’s transforming your employees into brand champions, getting executives active on social media, or giving power to sales reps’ to drive and influence more deals, a well-designed Employee Advocacy program can help a company thrive in a hypergrowth model.