The Social Wall by Sociabble

Showcase content and drive visibility from brand websites throughout the workplace and at live events

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Showcase content and drive visibility

Put the spotlight on your content

The Social Wall aggregates and displays social media content in real time, allowing website visitors to share posts directly on their own social networks.

Easily embedded as an iframe with a click-to-share experience, the Sociabble Wall can be integrated into any existing website, projected at live events, and displayed on screens throughout the workplace to drive internal awareness.

Discover Sociabble's Social Wall
Put the Spotlight on Your Content - The Social Wall aggregates and displays social media content

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The Social Wall in action


Aggregate content & boost visibility

Aggregate content from company social media accounts in real time, populating your brand website with fresh content every day and driving social media activity from existing online assets.

ON EXISTING WEBSITES - Aggregate Content & Boost Visibility


Showcase social media content during events

With a number of display formats to choose from, the wall can be displayed on large screens at live events in order to draw attention to the buzz being created on social media.

LIVE EVENTS - Showcase Social Media Content During Events


Drive internal communications & awareness

Display the wall in meeting rooms, cafeterias and other highly frequented office areas in order to increase employees’ awareness of day-to-day brand communication.

IN THE WORKPLACE - Drive Internal Communications & Awareness

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