Mazars Webinar


Driving thought leadership through employee advocacy

With over 18 000 employees in 79 countries, Mazars is a global leader in the audit and advisory sector. The company has empowered employees the world over on social media, through a program that prioritizes thought leadership.

How does a company go about launching such an initiative? What are the expected results? What type of content should employees have access to? How can organizations use gamification to encourage users to submit their own content and share on social media?

During this webinar we join Othman Abdelmoumene, Group Social Media Specialist at Mazars, to discuss how the company has launched an international employee advocacy initiative.

Please Note: This webinar is in French. For more details on the Groupe Renault program, or for further information on employee advocacy and highlighting your corporate communication in English please contact us here.

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"Targeting senior profiles enabled us to carry out an initial deployment for those who were already comfortable communicating in a professional capacity on social media, and aware of best practices."
Othman Abdelmoumene, Group Social Media Specialist

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