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New Insights into Brand Video Consumption on YouTube

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Having recently celebrated its 10th birthday, YouTube is one of the world’s leading video sites; and, more notably, the go-to platform for users who know what they’re looking for.

Focusing on Interbrand’s top 100 brands, YouTube has teamed up with marketing firm Pixability to produce a report on brand video content.

According to the results, brand content has generated over 40 billion views on the platform; with almost half of these views happening during the past year. Moreover, the publishers of four of the top 10 trending videos on the platform in 2014 were brands.

Viewership Is Growing and Engagement Is Up

According to the data, Interbrand Top 100 brands are collectively uploading a video to YouTube every 18.5 minutes. This reflects how brands are actively managing their YouTube channels, publishing new content and a regular basis and, in particular, focusing on content that will interest audiences; content in which pushy ads often makes way for customer storytelling.

If you think brand video content is a turn-off for online audiences, you’re making a mistake; on YouTube, brand-owned channels are receiving ten times more likes than dislikes. Additionally, subscribership is up 47% year-on-year; indicating that beyond watching videos, consumers commit to brands and want to stay connected in order to receive all the latest content.

This reinforces data released earlier in the year; which suggested Twitter users are eager to see more video content from brands.

New Insights into Brand Video Consumption on YouTube

Why Video?

As well as generating high levels of engagement, video content enables companies to deliver large amounts of information in a way that’s dynamic and digestible. And in particular, the increasing popularity of brand video content illustrates brands’ understanding of the fact that video content shouldn’t always focus on just the product.

Given its potential to engage; it should be leveraged to focus on people rather than products and explore what audiences are really interested in: customer experience.

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