Beyond Amplification, Here’s How Employee Advocacy Boosts Internal Engagement and Communication

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Here’s How Employee Advocacy Boosts Internal Engagement and Communication Beyond Amplificaiton

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Think employee advocacy is all about amplifying brand content on social media? Think again. It’s about changing how companies functionhow teams collaborate, and how employers communicate with employees. Beyond external amplification, here’s how employee advocacy boosts internal engagement and communication.

Answer Me This…

How many of your employees could stand up in a room full of people and confidently describe not only what your company does, but also what its mission and values are? For many companies, the answer is very few. But this isn’t due to a lack of communication – if anything, companies are communicating more than ever.

So what’s the Problem?

For many companies, the problem is that there are so many communication channels that it’s hard to make sure all employees are always up to date. The most essential company announcements are almost always communicated via email. But what about the latest company blog post? Photos of a recent event shared on brand social media accounts? A guest post written by the CEO and published on a third party website? How easy is it for employees to stay adrift of all of that?

You might argue that being unaware of such things doesn’t prevent employees from doing their job. But the fact is, when employees have easy access to all the latest company communication – whether it concerns them directly or not – their overall sense of involvement and engagement goes up. Research by McKinsey & Company revealed that productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees. The more in touch employees are with what’s going on throughout the company, the more innovative and collaborative your workplace culture becomes.

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The Nitty Gritty

So how does an employee advocacy platform make it easy for employees to stay up to date with all company communication? On Sociabble, companies can aggregate external content published on social media and RSS feeds, as well as content shared on enterprise social networks such as Yammer and Chatter. There is also the possibility to create content directly on the platform (for users and administrators), and to define this as shareable or non-shareable.



All content is organized onto dynamic channels that are configured by the company; meaning information is organized in a way that is both simple and logical for employees. The result is a one-stop information hub, complete with customized newsletters and mobile notifications. A place where employees can find all the latest company communication. What’s more, Sociabble is available as a native app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and can be integrated into existing environments such as Salesforce and Office 365.

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Ok, So Employees Are More informed…But is it Worth the Effort?

Employee advocacy is about embracing the fact that employees are social, and understanding what drives them to be positive activists. But a large part of it involves leveraging the content your company produces across departments, and across locations; in order to drive internal communication and collaboration. Make this a priority moving forward and it will soon pay off.

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