Harvey Nichols and Retail Innovation on Social Media

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Harvey Nichols and the Social Media Innovation

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Imagine you run a luxury store and somebody shoplifts. What do you do, brush it under the carpet? Suppress all talk of the fact that you as a store were outsmarted? Not if you’re Harvey Nichols.

As part of the communication strategy for its new “Rewards App”, the luxury retailer has released an unexpectedly quirky video that exposes real-life shoplifters; while replacing the faces with cartoons. Shot in the company’s flagship Knightsbridge store in London, the video is part of a campaign entitled #LoveFreebies; the objective of which is to point out that customers can receive “legal freebies” thanks to the new loyalty app.

Harvey Nichols and Retail Innovation on Social Media

This article on convinceandconvert.com rightly notes that Harvey Nichols is showcasing a different, more human side of the brand. “The footage is unexpected, compelling, and in some cases, humorous; making it great, shareable marketing.” This is very true. If the #LoveFreebies campaign is anything, it’s original and the last thing you would expect from such an upmarket brand.



Unexpected, however, is a quality more and more brands are striving to achieve in order to engage consumers on social media. So despite being uncharacteristic, this initiative from Harvey Nichols might be a sign of the playfulness we can expect from more brands in the not so distant future.

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