Marketing Insider Group Publishes Sociabble’s Top Employee Advocacy Tips

Picture of Sociabble By   Sociabble  

Marketing Insider Group recently published an article written by Sociabble CEO Jean-Louis Bénard, explaining what companies can do to make their Employee Advocacy programs more effective and engaging.

Marketing Insider Group’s blog is famous for publishing top-quality content by industry leaders, on a range of online marketing topics. Which is why we were honored when they asked our CEO, Jean-Louis Bénard, to guest author a post about Employee Advocacy.

Why Employee Advocacy? Because so many companies struggle when it comes to finding a good content marketing strategy. EA is a way to improve the quality and authenticity of the content your company is sharing, while also greatly expanding its reach thanks to the organic networks of the actual employees. With algorithms built in to most platforms that favor posts created by individuals over corporations, content shared by employees is simply more effective, receiving more views and overall engagement.

To learn the three most crucial tips for EA success, you can read the full article here.

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