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Case Studies of The Top Employee Advocacy Programs Around

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Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

In today’s digital business environment, an employee advocacy program can make all the difference. Focus on some of the most successful employee advocacy programs.

Many companies are at a loss as to where to begin because they don’t really know the answer to the question: what is employee advocacy? 

In this article, we’re including examples of most sucessful employee advocacy programs we’ve actually been involved with, to answer those questions, and to showcase employee advocacy’s full potential.

These examples clearly demonstrate the positive effects such programs can have, and how top management can use them to harness the full power of their most valuable asset—the expertise, the enthusiasm, and the dedication of the employees themselves.

First, what exactly is an employee advocacy program?

Before delving into some of our top case studies for employee advocacy programs, it may be helpful to take a step back and explain what it is and how it works. Effectively, employee advocacy is the name given to an initiative that seeks to harness the knowledge, the experience, and the enthusiasm of employees to spread positive brand awareness online.

Because employees are authentic representatives of a brand and its values, their messages and feelings about their employers mean something. It’s a more organic way to transmit a company’s mission and culture to the general public, and often more effective than conventional advertising or public relations.

Sociabble, the employee advocacy platform, makes it all possible.

Sociabble promotes employee advocacy programs by supplying employees with relevant, useful information about their company and their industry at large, and then giving them the means to share the content that works the best, or create their own content (UGC) and share it across their social networks in just a few clicks.

It’s like a central hub of sorts—our admin-controlled newsletter engine and themed channels ensure that employees are kept up to date on the most useful developments within their department and their field, our system of gamification, quizzes, and polls keeps them engaged and sharing, and our social media integrations ensure that they share their own unique viewpoint with their digital piers. And thanks to features like its real-time translation capability and its mobile app, it’s easy to scale up as a program, even at the global level.

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But does an employee advocacy program really work? You better believe it.

It’s not just an intriguing theory—employee advocacy works. It’s good for business.

  • In fact, according to nielsen.com insights 84% of consumers value recommendations from friends and family above all forms of advertising.
  • Additionally, 77% of consumers are likely to make a purchase after hearing about it from someone they trust.
  • Messages shared by employees go 561% further than the same message shared on a brand-owned channel (irisidentityprotection.com).
  • And 79% of firms in one survey reported more online visibility once implementing a formal employee advocacy program;
  • 65% reported increased brand recognition. This of course translates directly to better business (hingemarketing.com).
  • According to marketingadvisorynetwork.com, leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7x more frequently than other leads.

Yes, the numbers are convincing. But you can’t beat real world experience.

At Sociabble, we don’t rely simply on statistics. We know an employee advocacy program works because of a winning track record of real-world experience. We’ve helped global companies launch employee advocacy programs from start to finish, providing the platform, the training materials, the methodology, and continued CSM support.

We’ve empowered brands across the full spectrum of industries to transform their workforce into an army of enthusiastic brand ambassadors, boosting positive brand awareness, increasing sales and revenue, and even getting top management into the mix.

Here are just a few of our client success stories, simply click on the company name links for more detailed information.

Successful Employee Advocacy Pogram #1. smartTrade

SmartTrade Case Studies of The Top Employee Advocacy Programs Around

A true pioneer in the world of online trading, smartTrade is a distributed company, with seven subsidiaries around the world, and several hundred employees working together on a daily basis together. In such a scenario, communication is everything. CEO David Vincent knew they needed a better way to not only share information with all employees, but also share the information across all social media.

This content could be broken down into three categories:

  1. Information regarding the corporate structure of the company itself
  2. Internal communications relative to life inside the company
  3. External communication, including public events, shows, trade shows, etc.

To handle this, they chose Sociabble, giving employees the easy access to all three kinds of information, and allowing them to disseminate it across the full range of their social networks in an effortless fashion.

Here’s what the client has to say:

David Vincent, smartTrade CEO

Really, since making the decision, we’ve been very happy with the system itself. The back office is very good, very well structured. The mobile app also is really a plus, because it’s a real mobile app, it’s not just a web app on your mobile browser.
For people who are always on the road, like me, it’s a way to stay connected with the company, with what’s happening inside the company. That was a real plus.
Beyond that, I personally have a long history with Sociabble. I knew that what they produced has always been very good, in terms of technology. I was pretty sure it was going to work, and it did.David Vincent, smartTrade CEO

Successful Employee Advocacy Pogram #2. SNCF

sncf Case Studies of The Top Employee Advocacy Programs Around

Founded in 1938, SNCF it has served as France’s national state-owned railway company, operating a massive network of more than 32,000 km of track, with almost 14,000 trains in operation on any given day.

To keep all these trains moving, the company employs more than 260,000 people, including everyone from marketers and corporate managers to engineers and conductors. It has a yearly revenue of roughly 33.5 billion euros, and connects its millions of passengers to destinations all over France and all across Europe.

But with new digital technologies, SNCF needed a new way to communicate news, delays, and changes with the public. Which is how their new employee ambassador program teamed up with Sociabble. Beginning with a team of 170 brand ambassadors, SNCF experienced tremendous results in terms of online communication. 93% of team members utilized the new #TeamSNCF hashtag, resulting in 608 tweets per month, and three million total views over the course of the year. That’s a three-fold increase in organic reach compared to previous years, all thanks to this employee advocacy initiative.

Customers have become acquainted with the program and its associated hashtag, and the employee ambassadors have become a crucial link between the company and the general public, all thanks to their own social media profiles, which clearly state their role at the company.

Here’s what the client has to say:

Ines Mouloudji, SNCF’s Head of Digital Projects

It truly informs them of the nature of problems, and their solutions.Ines Mouloudji, SNCF’s Head of Digital Projects


As the world’s leading recruitment firm, the Adecco France group is made up of 5,000 employees, 1,000 sites, 15 brands with individual websites, and 45 social media accounts.

So making it easy for employees to access the content that is pertinent to them, and helping them to make the most of social media as a business tool was never going to be an easy task. Nevertheless, it is one the group has achieved—by launching a strategic digital transformation initiative complete with social media training, executive impetus, and the Sociabble employee advocacy and engagement platform.

Thanks to Sociabble, Adecco France Group employees have easy access to the content published on all 45 social media accounts of the group and its brands. In this way, Sociabble makes it easy for the Adecco France group to empower employees as brand advocates, and to generate additional visibility for the rich content being published on a daily basis.

The Adecco France Group also uses Sociabble to help employees develop their personal branding on social media, by engaging in social selling and using pertinent content to engage clients and potential job candidates. This is made possible by market watch channels, which aggregate content that is submitted and shared by employees themselves.

Here’s what the client has to say:

Nicolas Sutter, Brand Content Manager at Adecco France Group

Our employees can now see everything that’s going on throughout the group, and for those individuals who need to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and developments, the market watch channels on Sociabble have made their lives a lot easier.Nicolas Sutter, Brand Content Manager at Adecco France Group

Successful Employee Advocacy Pogram #4. Mazars

mazars case study

With 18,000 employees in 79 countries, Mazars’ activity spans the globe, as does its brand communication and social media activity. But it is for this reason that developing a culture of thought leadership, through an employee advocacy program tailored to both regional and global needs, was never going to be a simple task.

By launching dedicated, regional instances of the Sociabble employee advocacy platform, each of them propelled by a global vision, the company has empowered Mazarians the world over as thought leaders, while fully addressing the challenges of trust and authorization all regulated companies face when engaging employees as ambassadors on social media.

When launching an employee advocacy program, Mazars had two key objectives: to create additional visibility for brand content, and empower employees as thought leaders on social media. The company has identified results in both respects. With an overall user engagement rate of over 88% on Sociabble, the company has achieved a monthly reach of more than a million audience touchpoints.

Moreover, the amount of content created by users on the platform is a clear indicator of the rate at which thought leadership has taken off.

Here’s what the client has to say:

Othman Abdelmoumene, Group Social Media Specialist at Mazars

Since launching Sociabble we have seen a clear increase not only in the amount of brand content that employees share, but also in the amount of new content that they create.Othman Abdelmoumene, Group Social Media Specialist at Mazars

Successful Employee Advocacy Pogram #5. Groupama

groupama case study

As an insurance company, Groupama had a unique set of needs when it decided it was time to initiate an employee advocacy program—they wanted to empower employees and external customers alike to spread their impressions of the company.

They chose Sociabble because of its ability to segment each user group and address their needs individually. On the Sociabble brand advocacy platform, Groupama engaged several hundred employees and stakeholders, making it easy for them to share company content. Using the platform’s multiple network functionality, Groupama created a Sociabble network for employees and another for stakeholders, pre-selected external users.

When registering, new users were invited to select their region. This gave them automatic access to the personalized content channel for that region, though they also had the option of viewing and sharing all Groupama content on a global channel.

In this way, multiple categories of users were able to participate in the program, receiving and sharing the content that was most relevant to them.

Here’s what the client has to say:

Antoine Stattner, Head of the Digital Department at Groupama’s Communications Direction

We were looking for a content aggregation platform that offered a personalized advocate experience. We have found that in Sociabble, using a single tool to create two distinct sharing communities and tailor content to users according to their location.Antoine Stattner, Head of the Digital Department at Groupama’s Communications Direction

But these are just a few case studies of successful employee advocacy programs. We have many more.

When it comes to employee communication and employee advocacy programs, Sociabble is currently used in over 80 countries, and has acquired some of the world’s most prestigious clients, including Walt Disney, Coca-Cola, BNP Paribas, L’Oréal, Groupe Renault, L’Occitane, and PwC.

We’ve helped launch hundreds of communications initiatives in countries all around the world. To see more success stories like these, just click here.

And if you’d like a free demo of how Sociabble can help your company’s employee advocacy program, click here. We’d love to chat.

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